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How much are you trying to pay? The best fitting ones will be the C&J ones.
Are you saying that 3913 is not a hopsack, but a plain weave? What's the number of your Steadfast hopsack? Thanks.
I've heard that it's questionable whether they actually do that. But they do help keep a shoe's shape.
Aside from the pricing, I think the handgrade shoe trees fit my 337 perfectly.
I'm looking for something similar. Is the Smith 3913 you're looking at from Botany?
Any update on when the Saphir Suede Renovateur will be back in stock? I've been waiting for that for months. Thanks.
Thanks but I already have a leather jacket. The CWU-45 looks cool though.
I'm looking for some casual outerwear that would go well with jeans. Anyone have some recommendations? Most of the pieces on the website that I'm looking through don't fit my age (23). Any thoughts on this?,default,pd.html?dwvar_ML00212_Color=KHKN&contentpos=2&cgid=0222
Thanks for organizing this again. I'll be there.
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