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I picked up the teardrop belt ( for $28 this week. Would have liked it a bit wider and I'd have preferred a standard closure. But the colour is great and the leather, which is really soft and supple, is the nicest I've ever felt in a belt (not that that is saying much though).
I just got mine and it fits a bit big for me. But it is much nicer in person than the pics on the web and was a steal at $6.75.
Try doing Starting Strength instead of StrongLifts. Similar programs except Mark Rippetoe actually knows about training unlike Mehdi who knows more about SEO. When it comes to footwear for squatting, a slightly elevated heel is optimal but a firm sole is mandatory. Weight training shoes > Chucks > running shoes. The best analogy for squatting in a running shoes is that it is like squatting on a mattress. You want a firm surface to keep you stable.
Quote: Originally Posted by jarude I'm all for SS but saying shit like "squats and deadlifts aren't an isue with your shoulders" is stupid at best. If his physio OK's it, sure... OP needs to take this with a grain of salt. And what experience do you have with hypermobile shoulders? I've had them my whole life and they've popped out on plenty of occasions. Doing a program like Starting Strength has been the best thing for mine. ...
Starting Strength. Squats and deadlifts aren't an issue with your shoulders. Overhead pressing will build up the strength in your shoulders so they're less likely to pop out. I'd skip the bench pressing until you've got sufficient strength and stability in your shoulders from overhead pressing.
Quote: Originally Posted by highkneez Anyways, the good news is that returning orders from Canada is easy and free via Sears. I can't confirm if you can return LEC at any Sears location but I did have success at the downtown Eatons location. They did carry a small section of LE on site. I didn't check to see whether they carried LEC merchandise as well, most likely just regular LE. I did the same at the Carlingwood Sears in Ottawa. Not a...
Quote: Originally Posted by david3558 Hey everyone, just thought you should know that the 20% off (unique code) given in the catalogs works on everything, including Aldens. Jump on board now! It won't work with a free shipping code but I got a $605 boot for $484. What page is the code on in the catalog?
Quote: Originally Posted by fiestaplatypus Huge update to the sale section today and 40% off is still valid If you can add the stuff to your cart. I've found several items that I can't add to my cart.
Quote: Originally Posted by raptorrapture I dunno, I like the look of the jacket, but not a fan of all this back-game-pockets madness anymore. I have the Field Mechanic's jacket (fantastic jacket), but I've had to explain to people on more than one occasion what that back pocket is for. And even then, I'm no hunter so they look at me strange. What is the back pocket on the Field Mechanic's jacket really for? If someone asked me, I'd just tell...
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