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3rd overall pick Dante Fowler seems like a nice young man but should hunt down and kill whomever sold him the Col Sanders suit with the red piping. Ooooh Child! (Space reserved to post picture of suit)
Build a wardrobe around the tie hanging in the closet. Genius!
Jesus Fu**ing Christ
Wait..wasn't that the original question 9 years ago?
Great looking coat, who makes it?
Drop the black sweater in the trash and begin anew around the trousers you settle on
A DB charcoal with purple windowpane suit is too businessy? WTF are some of you people talking about? OP - your suit is killer for the occasion, rock it.
Stone, cream or light/medium brown
This is a serious problem. I believe the waistband is propirietary.
I think he needs all the help that he can get
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