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Pearl looks amazing
Prefer to sell in AU but if no biters happy for it to go abroad. Worn a handful of times, slightly too small. Got a couple of scratches of the back from the crappy footrest we have at work though. Trade for 44 would be ideal, otherwise selling them and looking for a pair of 44 in good nick.
After a pair of white achilles CP in 44, is anywhere particularly cheap ATM? Been scouring CP sales but might as well pay a bit more to get what I actually want
Or satchel, messenger, whatever you'd like to call it. Basically a one pocket slim leather satchel that will fit a thin 15" laptop. I will mostly only carry the laptop with me, perhaps along with a book on the odd occasion. $500 max, maybe $700 if it's that amazing. Will be worn with denim and casual shirt, so fairly nothing too formal. This is the bag I've been searching for, they've gone out of business: Any suggestions? There was a Billykirk Schoolboy bag that...
You been to Tokyo? A lot of folks dress up in Uniqlo or at least Uniqlo-esque stuff.I really like it, people are "well dressed" by anyone's standard.Don't be a snob, they clearly like it!
Got a pair of Vans authentic in off-white 2 weeks ago, already got a drop of fuel on it Cant quite pull off boots yet..
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