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This past Sunday night before an exquisite Cioppino dinner, I tried, for the first time, the Macallan Cask Strength with a splash of water... Good Night! It was simply SPECTACULAR! I am officially a disciple of this man
I have a lot of 3 brand new with tags Brioni slacks for sale that are all size 40 (and they have a few inches to let out if needed, and unhemmed) They are light in weight and silky. One is dark gray or charcoal, the other is is little lighter gray and the third is creme (its also Super 120's) $250 per pair and free shipping in the USA, $10 off the rest of the planet for shipping. Thanks for your interest Click here to check them out. (If the pictures don't...
I would love to see some pictures. As many as you can muster on each one, please?
I am supposed to be getting a Motorola Q on Monday, and I am curious to know if any of you own one or have owned one? How has it gone? Are you happy? How does it handle broadband? Bluetooth?Contacts? Thanks
There are so many ways you can dress a suits down, check out this article.
Forgive me, but I am not sure I understand why you would want to wear a pink shirt, with a navy suit at night? Is it because they are from the same designer label? My advice, is keep it simple. The groom and the bride are the stars of the show, so I would recommend that you go with a white or possibly a light blue shirt. Then select a tie that has some subtle zing, but that will match or accent your boutonnière, your cufflinks and or any jewelry you might be...
Is it just me or are retailers losing their minds? A "man-clutch"? What gives?? And you're willing to look like.... all to carry large quantities of cash? Come on dude! Just use thicker rubber band, like a real man! The next thing you know Dior will really be trying to sell us "man-ssires"!
Quote: Originally Posted by epa I intend this suit to be used frequently, to be the "basic" business suit in my wardrobe, that is, to be used at least once a week and, sometimes, when traveling, on a daily basis. Quote: Originally Posted by epa What do you think? Kudos to you on getting yourself a custom suit! Salut! You have obviously enjoyed a fair measure of success (or maybe its just good breeding), but just...
All of the prices have already been reduced
Quote: Originally Posted by Aristocrat Is this stolen shirts or just a scam? 15 USD for a RLPL shirt... Everything that we have is absolutely authentic, and legit. We have been selling on eBay for over 7 years and so we hope you'll give us a shot! Thanks Michael
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