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Another +1 on the Irving. Great value on sale; it might be worth full price, but $295 is a lot for a shirt.I almost didn't try it on, because I assumed it would have the same fit as the Star Iron, which is too slim for me. But this shirt fits great.Anyone know if they have changed their shirt fit, or is this intended to be different than the Star Iron and the other slim shirts from that season?(on a side note: I noticed J Crew has their Star Iron wannabes out this...
That is a very cool link. I was just lucky enough to get one on sale today!
The Dream Box redesign hurts my eyes. Bright red "Last one available" along with huge red exclamation point graphics... I can't focus on the goods themselves.
I've been comparing the same boot, as well! Tough choice. 20% off makes the decision even tougher.Dainite vs. Commando sole. The Steeple has a bellows tongue, too.
Herring does it on their Steeple boot.http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?&brandid=50&shoeid=4506
Blue suede Stows from Yoox:
A little late on this, but those Yoox boots look to be a boot version of the old McMurray. Made in Italy, and they were around $700. Definitely branded RL and not Polo. Kind of a distressed leather and rubber soles.But really came here to comment on this.. anyone looked at the email from this morning advertising new chino fits? Click on "compare fit" and look at what shoes the models are wearing - all different versions of the Marlow. I got a kick out of...
Thanks. I don't think they will enough for me.
Did yours stretch? And in the thighs at all? My fit seems off from yours and Mon Dieu, but it is still the thighs that are the issue for me.
I don't know, but I might try my local store this weekend to see if they have them.These seem to fit the same as the other slim fits I have tried - low rise, narrow thighs. I think anyone who had issues with the thighs in the selvedge jeans will have the same problem with these. The fabric is super soft, though, so maybe it will stretch more? The color is a little more grey than in the photos; really terrific. When I opened the box, I had this "wow" reaction to them.I...
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