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Welcome to the brown Clifton club! I love mine. I think you'll find that they are really versatile, and the brown is a winning color with this shoe.I agree with earlier advice on the Dalton with a suit - as long as your pants aren't too short, I think they will be fine. No one will notice they're boots unless you show them while sitting, and then they will think they're cool.Nice choices!
Ha, I used to go Reed's. He's good. He told me the same thing about buttonholes. He says he does them by hand, but his eyesight is not good enough anymore, so it's difficult. I think Sun has help, and I also think his are done by machine.I've been very happy with Reed's in general, though. The guy knows what he's doing. I also like Sun, but he's more expensive (other than buttonholes).I know I've checked one other place (can't recall), and it was similar price.
I kind of like the (new?) Fullerton, especially in suede. I ordered the suede Strand with Dainite sole during the sale, but I haven't gotten any shipping confirmation. I wonder if they have to make it. If they cancel, I might get the Fullerton instead.
My experience has been that $20 - $25 per button is about the going rate. It's fairly labor intensive, and I've had tailors who were reluctant, as well.If you don't want to pay that much now, you can just have your tailor sew the buttons on. You can always have them made working later. And no one will notice, except for you.BTW, if you're in DC, I know Sun Tailor in Tysons Galleria charges $20/per.
I can't disagree with either of these comments. The only Black/Purple item prices I have tracked are suits, and I'm pretty happy with the deal I got on the suit, and it was much better than online sale prices. Not sure about price inflation on other items.Store selection is definitely spotty. Not only does it depend on what they have left in stock, but they have small/specialized selections to begin with if you are not in one of the flagship stores in NY. It is a YMMV...
I stopped in a local RL store today, and the 40% off merchandise from pre-Christmas is now an additional 40% off. I walked out with a Black Label suit at 40% + 40% off (i.e.: 64% off in total) , plus some shirts. I don't remember the last sale that has been this good; I've never personally seen the BL suits this low. The place was a zoo, and the sales person said things are selling out quickly. I checked some things online that I wanted and that weren't in stock in...
Hi, Ben. Are there still Napoli suits coming to the US site? Or did I miss them? I'd like to see how they look.
I think that's right. I also think that Yoox sources its inventory differently. My guess is Yoox is buying large lots of merchandise, probably without knowing specifically what they are getting; e.g.: here's a lot of 100 shirts from supplier x. They get it really cheap, obviously. But they are not spending time having buyers decide which items to carry, as Mr. Porter is. They buy cheap, in bulk, then they get it on the site as quickly as they can. Very lean...
It's washed black. The website picture is pretty accurate:http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=22385666
Another +1 on the Irving. Great value on sale; it might be worth full price, but $295 is a lot for a shirt.I almost didn't try it on, because I assumed it would have the same fit as the Star Iron, which is too slim for me. But this shirt fits great.Anyone know if they have changed their shirt fit, or is this intended to be different than the Star Iron and the other slim shirts from that season?(on a side note: I noticed J Crew has their Star Iron wannabes out this...
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