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Since I've referred to it in passing a few times, I'll just come out and say it: I really like the Lexington. For some reason it really works on the 5 last, and it shows in person. I think the longer cap toe is a good complement for this last. They'll never change the toe cap on the Park Avenue, but maybe that's a good thing, so there's a little contrast and choice with the Lexington. I'd encourage anyone who's on the fence to go ahead and order while they are on...
Wow, that truly looks fantastic. I keep telling Ben I'm going to buy one of these, but I keep getting distracted - often with other things from his site!That's a shame. They look great.
I just think black seems a little too formal for business casual. But really, nothing wrong with it if you like it. Brown seems to be the most versatile to me; but in the end, get what you like. The shoe itself is fine!
I agree with the others who have responded. Just don't get black; any of the other colors would be fine. It is a great shoe, IMO.
Completely agree with this. You really need a black plain captoe oxford for formal and business suit occasions. I just purchased the Lexington and am a big fan, but it's a blucher; you would still have the hole in your collection. I prefer the captoe on the Lexington, but the choice is oxford vs. blucher, and oxford wins for suits.
Duh... they actually say 2298 last right in the description!
Sorry to ask this again, because I know it's been answered, but I can't find it: was it ever determined what last the STP Tricker's Whitman is on? Is it 4537 or 2298?
Thanks, Zippy.Those black/natural Stows look great. Trying to decide between those and the coffee Keswicks..
Zippy, are Keswicks 4444 last? thx.
He actually lists the measurements in the description of each suit. I couldn't find a 40S on the US site, but here's the link to one on the UK site: http://www.ehaberdasher.co.uk/servlet/the-1319/Benjamin-Sartorial-Suit-cln--39S-fdsh-40S/DetailJust read down below the description, and you'll see a section called "Jacket Details/Measurements", and then one for pants.Probably the same measurements, except for length, as the 40R, of which there are quite a few examples on...
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