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While I can't disagree with what tifosi says, I certainly understand your desire to keep them "vintage". I'd be tempted to go for the JR sole myself, just because they would feel special, in a way. But honestly, there's no rational reason for that, just what you like.
NewShoes1, I couldn't have said it better myself.I hope none of this deters you from voicing your honest opinion. I love this thread for the way everyone is so cordial to one another, but I also appreciate constructive criticism and differing views. As NewShoes1 says, people can decide to take or leave the advice; as long it's done with good intentions, we all benefit.
My take:1. No, you did not waste $90. The Jefferson is higher quality and materials than the McAllister. You got nicer leather and soles, plus better assembly. That is probably why you liked them - you noticed the difference in quality, without thinking about it.2. The Jefferson has different style than the Strand and the PA, but it is also an oxford, which is a third fairly formal shoe for you. If you want to do something really different, you might consider...
I know what you mean, but somehow it works in person with the proportions of the shoe. It is a blucher, so not designed to be too dressy. I actually bought these as travel work shoes that could work the spectrum from suit to casual in a pinch. I think now I would consider buying them as a more regular rotation shoe in something like bourbon or chili if I had a spot open.
Since I've referred to it in passing a few times, I'll just come out and say it: I really like the Lexington. For some reason it really works on the 5 last, and it shows in person. I think the longer cap toe is a good complement for this last. They'll never change the toe cap on the Park Avenue, but maybe that's a good thing, so there's a little contrast and choice with the Lexington. I'd encourage anyone who's on the fence to go ahead and order while they are on...
Wow, that truly looks fantastic. I keep telling Ben I'm going to buy one of these, but I keep getting distracted - often with other things from his site!That's a shame. They look great.
I just think black seems a little too formal for business casual. But really, nothing wrong with it if you like it. Brown seems to be the most versatile to me; but in the end, get what you like. The shoe itself is fine!
I agree with the others who have responded. Just don't get black; any of the other colors would be fine. It is a great shoe, IMO.
Completely agree with this. You really need a black plain captoe oxford for formal and business suit occasions. I just purchased the Lexington and am a big fan, but it's a blucher; you would still have the hole in your collection. I prefer the captoe on the Lexington, but the choice is oxford vs. blucher, and oxford wins for suits.
Duh... they actually say 2298 last right in the description!
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