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I THINK (not 100% sure about this) that these Italian shoes are recraftable. However, in the past they would resole them using the same soles and technique as when they were new - Bologna. Now they put on some other type of sole when they do it that makes it look more like a welted loafer.
The website says 20% off all clearance in stores and online. Read the subtitle here:http://www.allenedmonds.com/wcsstore/AllenEdmonds/Attachment/content/clearance.html?utm_source=StyleForum&utm_medium=RileyHayesPPC&utm_campaign=2014_0219_ClearanceSale&utm_content=ShopNowI don't know if they'd have much clearance stock in stores - definitely not the ones waiting to be made - but it's worth a try.
Yeah, I found the same thing when I Googled. If they're 4444, not going to work for me. But the extra sizing monkeying around you reference means I'll just stay away.Thanks!
Anyone taken a look at these on ebay? Are these the Bourton? 4444 last? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Trickers-Marron-Antique-Derby-Brogues-VARIOUS-SIZES-/181328236565?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&var=&hash=item2a38015015
Call a store near you and see if they have them. They may even be able to order from other stores if they have them in the database. It's different inventory than online.
Yep, same for me. It appears to be a pricing error. $125 is a ridiculous deal!
I'll give you my opinion, having owned a few. I have the Verona and the Lucca - basically the same shoe; one is just on a leather sole (Verona) while the other is on a rubber sole (Lucca, which is the old version of the Arezzo - look exactly the same). I tried on pretty much every loafer they had in store when I purchased these, about 2 years ago, including the Firenze and some GY ones.The Italian loafers are much lighter and sleeker, and I found them to be much more...
Maybe it's art collecting. Right?
Thanks for the kind words. It's been a self-imposed exile so that I don't buy any more shoes! (Not that there's anything wrong with that...)I'm literally running out of space, and I've realized that I have a number of fantastic pairs that get little use. So trying to force myself to take advantage of what I have. That said, I was in London for the big winter sale, and there were some nice deals on C&J; I had to hold back. Is this an addiction?
I thought rainy London would be a good test for my new Brogue Suede Strands, and they didn't disappoint. I love the Dainite sole. Unfortunately, I didn't get the uppers wet to test out real bad weather performance. When I first got them, I took Cold Iron's advice and gave them a treatment with Bickmore's. Only later did I notice this: You can see the marks where they lined up the pieces of leather when assembling the uppers. See the sliver pencil mark under the ...
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