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From first experience, I can say the Battisti ties re really awesome, and unique (the higher priced ones). I've also found the Benjamin ties to be of excellent quality at a much lower price.
Anyone have recent experience with the Delray? There are a bunch of negative reviews on the AE site saying the toebox is too narrow, and some saying that it has been redesigned from the past. I'm wondering if this just people who don't fit the 8-last well, or if there really is an issue.
Any opinions / guesses on the last used for the "Newbury" sold by STP? I just received a pair, thinking they were the "official" Newbury on the 4537. But they feel large , and they do not seem to have the squarish toe of the 4537. I'm guessing these could be 4497 made to be like an 1829 Collection-type shoe. The toe looks too rounded, no? I wish they wouldn't use the model name if they've changed it. Great price,...
Nice! I'm a big fan of the 4537 last. I already have a couple pair with a Newbury on the way.
Can't wait to see (and buy) the new shirts! Can you tell us a little about fit and fabrics?
This is a NWT pair of RRL military shorts from the Kon Tiki collection (according to the tag). Unique styling includes front thigh pockets, button closed rear pockets, buttoned belt loops, button fly, and antiqued buttons. Retail on these is $190. Price includes FREE priority shipping within continental US. Tagged as 33 inch waist. Actual measurements: Waist: 35" Rise: 13" Inseam: 9.5" Paypal to Thanks for looking!
Thanks for the info. They usually post on their ebay account that they are closed.And yes, I was just sloppy in referring to them - using part of their username as shorthand.
Anyone know what happened to the Retrickers store on ebay? Are they on holiday?
Good question and answers. Interesting that they chose to make these Goodyear welted; the Italian collection shoes are all Bologna construction and made in Italy. They have to use that thin sole to try to reduce the bulk compared to the Italian shoes. You can still tell it is heftier, but they did a pretty decent job.
New shirts sound great - exactly the changes I would have asked you to make. Looking forward to them.Also anxiously awaiting the new Napoli suits. I think 9 is about perfect for the lapels. Those are going to be killer suits!
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