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Thanks for the info. They usually post on their ebay account that they are closed.And yes, I was just sloppy in referring to them - using part of their username as shorthand.
Anyone know what happened to the Retrickers store on ebay? Are they on holiday?
Good question and answers. Interesting that they chose to make these Goodyear welted; the Italian collection shoes are all Bologna construction and made in Italy. They have to use that thin sole to try to reduce the bulk compared to the Italian shoes. You can still tell it is heftier, but they did a pretty decent job.
New shirts sound great - exactly the changes I would have asked you to make. Looking forward to them.Also anxiously awaiting the new Napoli suits. I think 9 is about perfect for the lapels. Those are going to be killer suits!
Ben, not sure if I am measuring correctly, but if I follow the seam at the top of the notch, it is closer to 9.5 cm. I think most of my suits are in the 9 range, so this is a little wide.Are you still planning another run of the Benjamin shirts - the slimmer version (which I think is sort of your "regular" fit)?Looking forward to the new Maco/Caruso suits!
I had the same question; forgot to ask. Perhaps Bl@ster has a small foot? Curious to hear the answer.
Not sure if I feel lucky or unlucky that the Eagle County last does not fit me. Yet another fantastic make-up.AE would be crazy not to bring this show back with some of the designs created here.
Bl@ster, these are simply outstanding. Maybe the best use of bourbon leather I have ever seen.It got me thinking about the "One Shoe" concept from Mafoo. This could be the semi-casual/denim version of that. I'm seriously thinking about copying your specs, then deciding which/how many pairs of shoes I would get rid of for lack of wear.
For 4537, think dress shoe size, as it is designed to be worn with thin socks. It does not have the "Trickers roominess", but rather fits like any other brand of dress shoes would. I think Barrie fits a little large, right, so most people size down .5? I would stay TTS for the 4537, which would be 7.5 UK if you are 8 US - except that if you are an E width that adds another wrinkle.
This is correct. They don't show the sales tax in the refund amount they quote you, but it will be included in the actual amount they refund to your credit card. I think their system must just not be set up to calculate the tax refund until they actually run the refund with the credit card company, which they don't do until they receive the merchandise back.Don't worry - it works. And if there is a mistake, they will correct it. I've had that happen early on and they...
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