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I think I remember your post. I am envious. Well done! What a great collection!
I haven't been in the market for any AEs lately, but I still love this thread.Those chili grain MacNeils in your first picture look fantastic. If the 7 last fit my foot better, I would probably have several MacNeils in different leathers - maybe an all-MacNeil collection! I love the grain leathers in that shoe.
Had a chance to visit the RRL store in Hong Kong. Picked up this card holder wallet. Not sure if they sell these in the US stores, but thought it would be a cool souvenir:
Anyone heard from Dave from the RE Trickers ebay store? The last notice they had up was closed due to illness. I hope it's not serious for whomever is sick.
Thanks, MM. I wasn't willing to do that, as I planned to return them.Besides the last, I would not put anyone off from buying these off STP. They are really nice, and with a code you can get them for ~$250. They are just not what I am looking for at the moment, which is a sleeker, dressier shoe.
Terrible description, too. Looks like Dainite, not Commando sole.Anyone who likes these would be much better off contacting Richard and doing an MTO.
From first experience, I can say the Battisti ties re really awesome, and unique (the higher priced ones). I've also found the Benjamin ties to be of excellent quality at a much lower price.
Anyone have recent experience with the Delray? There are a bunch of negative reviews on the AE site saying the toebox is too narrow, and some saying that it has been redesigned from the past. I'm wondering if this just people who don't fit the 8-last well, or if there really is an issue.
Any opinions / guesses on the last used for the "Newbury" sold by STP? I just received a pair, thinking they were the "official" Newbury on the 4537. But they feel large , and they do not seem to have the squarish toe of the 4537. I'm guessing these could be 4497 made to be like an 1829 Collection-type shoe. The toe looks too rounded, no? I wish they wouldn't use the model name if they've changed it. Great price,...
Nice! I'm a big fan of the 4537 last. I already have a couple pair with a Newbury on the way.
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