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This is the issue I had. I had to size up.But I would still say MacNeil. If you plan to wear with suits, calf is a good option.
Most important thing is to try them both on to make sure one is not disqualified for fit.Assuming they fit equally well for you, I vote MacNeil by a large margin. To me, the wingtip style is the standard for cordovan. Get those in burgundy and you are off to a great start with a classic.
Wow. This is sounding like they are designed to be looser in the waist.
I got mine today, too. Same opinion and same fit issue. Thinking I will order 2 sizes down and see. But if that doesn't work, I won't force it.. I'll wait for next time they make this style and fit. As sgrprod said, they are a great fit and a nice change from the slim stuff.Also, on second thought - the other option for you, koidragon, might be to have a tailor take the waist in. If the thighs fit well, that would probably be your best bet. Mine are a little loose...
Excellent quote!I have been thinning the herd too, but then I sometimes add to it again. I have at least gotten to the point where I am only acquiring shoes that I really find to be special for some reason, as opposed to just on sale. But having said that, I've identified three different shoes (maybe four) between the Shoe Bank sale and retail that I am considering at the moment!Strangely, the black plain- or cap-toe blucher for business travel has eluded me. Struck out...
Try calling a store near you. They often have different stock than the website. I bought my PTBs at a store when they were not listed on the website.
Interesting - I actually saw these in a Nordstrom Rack store and assumed they were Neumok. But looks to me to likely be the McGregor, using the Neumok leather:http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF4552_1_40000000001_-1_4557Also noticed the "Riverside", which looks like a Clifton without brogueing:https://www.nordstromrack.com/shop/product/988468/allen-edmonds-riverside-cap-toe-blucher?color=BLACKI'll bet these are made specifically for the Rack; interesting idea...
Great deal. Be careful with sizing on Tricker's from STP. I don't think they use the same lasts as the "usual" similar styles. I ordered a pair of dress shoes, and they were huge - might have been on the 4497 last; definitely not the normal Tricker's dress shoe lasts such as 4537 or 2298. You might have to order two sizes and return one - though STP does not offer free return shipping.For reference, I am .5 size difference from UK to US on all Tricker's lasts except...
Another thing with the First Avenue is I would want to see how the toe creases when worn. The Lexington has a terrible issue with creasing in the toe cap; I hope they have corrected the problem with the First Avenue. Even though it's a different last, I think it's an issue with the way the toe is constructed in the Lexington, and I wonder if it will do the same in the First Avenue.
Hey Cold Iron, why B. Nelson and not AE for the recraft? B. Nelson did a beautiful job; just curious.
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