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Great deal. Be careful with sizing on Tricker's from STP. I don't think they use the same lasts as the "usual" similar styles. I ordered a pair of dress shoes, and they were huge - might have been on the 4497 last; definitely not the normal Tricker's dress shoe lasts such as 4537 or 2298. You might have to order two sizes and return one - though STP does not offer free return shipping.For reference, I am .5 size difference from UK to US on all Tricker's lasts except...
Another thing with the First Avenue is I would want to see how the toe creases when worn. The Lexington has a terrible issue with creasing in the toe cap; I hope they have corrected the problem with the First Avenue. Even though it's a different last, I think it's an issue with the way the toe is constructed in the Lexington, and I wonder if it will do the same in the First Avenue.
Hey Cold Iron, why B. Nelson and not AE for the recraft? B. Nelson did a beautiful job; just curious.
Yeah, maybe this is the MTO option for those of with feet too wide for the Eagle County.
What do you guys think of the new First Avenue boot? I saw it lurking in the back of this picture: And then found the description: http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF1193_1_40000000001_-1_1193 It says "Online Only". And last 201, which appears to be only this boot. I've been hoping for a captoe boot from AE. But this one seems a little caught between dress and casual with the red pull tab. wondering what this looks like in person. But I wish...
qvhong, thanks for asking about these. I've thought about these a few times and always wondered which model they were.Brown Dynamite, 222 last makes sense. The Executive Collection shoes were all named after San Francisco streets. That particular last information is especially relevant, because it's relatively narrow. Glad I passed on the shoes.
This is a NWT quilted shirt jacket from J. Crew. It is from last year and is not available in this color anymore. Tagged as Medium. Brand new, never been worn. Retail was $168. The picture is from the J. Crew website. Original description from the J Crew website. Warm insulation on the inside, British sporting vibe on the outside. Classic fit. Cotton. Point collar. Dry clean. Import. (pasting the link does not work, but if you Google "quilted shirt jacket j...
I think I remember your post. I am envious. Well done! What a great collection!
I haven't been in the market for any AEs lately, but I still love this thread.Those chili grain MacNeils in your first picture look fantastic. If the 7 last fit my foot better, I would probably have several MacNeils in different leathers - maybe an all-MacNeil collection! I love the grain leathers in that shoe.
Had a chance to visit the RRL store in Hong Kong. Picked up this card holder wallet. Not sure if they sell these in the US stores, but thought it would be a cool souvenir:
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