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The FIRST and ONLY Khan!
Those look too good to ruin by actually wearing them. What a stunning makeup!That is a great idea. (broken record alert here): If I were the AE CEO, I'd but trolling that thread and putting many of the makeups into production.
This:orthis:Come on, AE! You are missing out on a great product here!OK, the Promontory Point is a fine rugged boot. But why can't they add something utterly fantastic like your MTO?
This isn't a direct answer to your question, but here is my personal conclusions being in a similar situation - which is having more shoes than I need.1. Focus on fit. Only keep shoes if they fit really well. There is no reason to be hurting your feet and potentially causing bigger problems. If you've experimented with lasts, get rid of the shoes that you know you should not be tempted to wear.2. How much are the shoes worth? It might be that what you get is not...
Beautiful! Another winner. I think AE should consider placing these MTO designs into production. Or just turn over all their boot design to this thread...
Thanks, Ben. I'll shoot you an email.
Ben,Is this the Napoli suit that you are wearing in these pictures? I know I've asked before about your stock of 40R in this model, but I got distracted.. and actually, I see something else on your site I like, too. But still curious...
I completely agree with you guys. I ordered a Ma.Co. a few years ago that did not fit. But it was spectacular. Their stuff is awesome. Unfortunately, very little of it on Yoox.
Yes, I see what you mean. The Dries is chest size. The Jil is neck size that they are doing some funky conversion on.Why are they doing this? There was nothing wrong with the old system. And it likely means they'll get more returns due to size issues. It's craziness.
I think the number you are referring to as chest size is actually the neck size. Virtually every dress shirt Yoox sells that has a single number (as opposed to saying "S", "M", or "L") as their size would be referring to neck size. In the past, a shirt that said 39 (cm) would say 15.5 for the US. 39 cm ~ 15.5 in. This is the circumference of the collar. This is normal practice for dress shirts. In fact, many shirts would show something like 39/15.5 on the tag.In...
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