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I'll give you my opinion, having owned a few. I have the Verona and the Lucca - basically the same shoe; one is just on a leather sole (Verona) while the other is on a rubber sole (Lucca, which is the old version of the Arezzo - look exactly the same). I tried on pretty much every loafer they had in store when I purchased these, about 2 years ago, including the Firenze and some GY ones.The Italian loafers are much lighter and sleeker, and I found them to be much more...
Maybe it's art collecting. Right?
Thanks for the kind words. It's been a self-imposed exile so that I don't buy any more shoes! (Not that there's anything wrong with that...)I'm literally running out of space, and I've realized that I have a number of fantastic pairs that get little use. So trying to force myself to take advantage of what I have. That said, I was in London for the big winter sale, and there were some nice deals on C&J; I had to hold back. Is this an addiction?
I thought rainy London would be a good test for my new Brogue Suede Strands, and they didn't disappoint. I love the Dainite sole. Unfortunately, I didn't get the uppers wet to test out real bad weather performance. When I first got them, I took Cold Iron's advice and gave them a treatment with Bickmore's. Only later did I notice this: You can see the marks where they lined up the pieces of leather when assembling the uppers. See the sliver pencil mark under the ...
I own shoes from both AS and AE, and there is no comparison. The AS look and feel like shoes that are twice as expensive. That doesn't mean there's anything wrong with AE's; the AS are just the next tier up in quality and price, and it shows.Are you sure the Peals you ordered are made by AS? Some are made by C&J, which are also in that upper tier. Some are made by Loake, which are not impressive at all, and might even be slightly below AE. But I think if your shoes are...
It is the same style as this one: http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=23872756&cp=1760781.1766339&fbn=Brand%7CBlack+Label&view=99&fbc=1&f=Brand%2F1000004%2F&parentPage=familyIt is navy blue with a very, very faint glen plaid pattern. Retail was $1895, so came to under $700.The store near me does not get a lot of Black Label suits at a time. I think they had a charcoal at full price. And someone once told me...
Welcome to the brown Clifton club! I love mine. I think you'll find that they are really versatile, and the brown is a winning color with this shoe.I agree with earlier advice on the Dalton with a suit - as long as your pants aren't too short, I think they will be fine. No one will notice they're boots unless you show them while sitting, and then they will think they're cool.Nice choices!
Ha, I used to go Reed's. He's good. He told me the same thing about buttonholes. He says he does them by hand, but his eyesight is not good enough anymore, so it's difficult. I think Sun has help, and I also think his are done by machine.I've been very happy with Reed's in general, though. The guy knows what he's doing. I also like Sun, but he's more expensive (other than buttonholes).I know I've checked one other place (can't recall), and it was similar price.
I kind of like the (new?) Fullerton, especially in suede. I ordered the suede Strand with Dainite sole during the sale, but I haven't gotten any shipping confirmation. I wonder if they have to make it. If they cancel, I might get the Fullerton instead.
My experience has been that $20 - $25 per button is about the going rate. It's fairly labor intensive, and I've had tailors who were reluctant, as well.If you don't want to pay that much now, you can just have your tailor sew the buttons on. You can always have them made working later. And no one will notice, except for you.BTW, if you're in DC, I know Sun Tailor in Tysons Galleria charges $20/per.
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