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Is it fairly new? I don't recognize the style of the tag, but the terminology sure sounds like Hickey Freeman. And it has the US-made union label.The Bentley model would be fully canvassed with softer shoulders, from their Mahogany collection.
Completely agree with this. I've learned to only wear my measured size in shoes and not try to force the fit by going up or down in length or width. It just creates other problems. Some lasts just don't fit. The only exceptions are lasts that are known to be generous and acknowledged that way by the manufacturer, such as the Tricker's 4444 or Alden Trubalance, for example.
They offer the Player's Shoe, which is a) out of production and b) on the narrow 2 last. But it pops up periodically on as seconds/closeout and there is also a version for Ralph Lauren.You can also custom make the MacNeil in suede.
I don't disagree with you there. But AE has deemed these seconds, so let's assume they are. Why did they get sent out to the customer? That's my issue.
I really don't get this with AE. Understandable that mistakes are made, and shoes identified as seconds are sent to the outlets. But to have a first quality MTO sent to the customer this way? Who is looking at the shoes when they are finished? is there anyone at the factory that inspects, or are workers so cynical that they just throw any old shoe into a box? This is the lack of quality control that really annoys.Glad you got a good deal on these, though. Certainly...
Chili is still at $127 on the Shoebank website if they have your size.. Or are they still showing the sale prices on the website and have not updated yet?
Yeah, that First Avenue might have some potential. Need to see it in person. Hopefully they are planning something longer term with it.
Thanks for the input. They are $187 for seconds right now. Very tempting.
Totally agree on the EC. It is definitely their best dress boot to my eye - even though they initially made it up as a country boot. These MTOs have all been spectacular. If only it was on a different last than the 2....That is disappointing for a first. Glad you're sending them back. They waste so much shell with their poor QC sometimes.
Thoughts on the Odenwald? Anyone seen them in person and anyone know how they fit. i find myself drawn to the black version.
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