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Thanks for the input. They are $187 for seconds right now. Very tempting.
Totally agree on the EC. It is definitely their best dress boot to my eye - even though they initially made it up as a country boot. These MTOs have all been spectacular. If only it was on a different last than the 2....That is disappointing for a first. Glad you're sending them back. They waste so much shell with their poor QC sometimes.
Thoughts on the Odenwald? Anyone seen them in person and anyone know how they fit. i find myself drawn to the black version.
Either Alfred Sargent or C&J, but I'll go with Fred G.'s knowledge.General rule of thumb: Retail price $598 - 600+ will be AS or C&J. Retail price low $400s is going to be Loake. For the made-in-England shoes, of course.
Almost certainly Loake, based on the retail price point.
I concur with this. Is 9 - 9..5 your Brannock measured size?Richard is terrific. He will give you good advice for sure.
Yes. Except no idea how it fits. They should have brought it to the trunk show.
Just noticed the new First Avenue boot is only available until Nov. 18. http://www.allenedmonds.com/aeonline/producti_SF1193_1_40000000001_-1_1193 If anyone orders it, please report on your findings. I'm going to wait this one out - not willing to spend $425 on an AE shoe unless I can see in person and try on in store.
The standard conversion on the Stow 4497 last is 1/2 size from UK to US. For example, 9.5UK = 10 US.But it is a roomy last, and even after conversion, it is intended to be worn with thick socks (it's a country boot, after all). So some people size down an additional 1/2. But I would recommend that only if you a) intend to wear with dress socks and b) prefer tighter fitting shoes. I myself prefer non-tight shoes, and I find the Stow a tiny boot roomy at 1/2 size down,...
Beautiful shoes, and agree - you can't go wrong.
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