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Kahuna, I think regular readers of this forum realized that you meant no offense. But I completely agree with your point about the burnishing - I think it would be helpful if AE was a little clearer about exactly what their Oxblood and Bourbon (and I also think Bob's Chili) are, and that it will be very difficult for someone to maintain that color. I think you either have to go the neutral polish route or just be resigned that your shoes will change color over time. ...
Yes, and it is luck of the draw. To RETrickers' credit, they do clearly label the box and show the value on the outside, so there should be no problem, as a single pair of shoes falls below the dutiable amount. But if US Customs wants to inspect and makes UPS do extra paperwork, you will get dinged. Just totally random, but should happen very seldom.
I'm not getting anything, but the two things that come immediately to mind for me are the MacNeil (there was a picture of it from one of the stores) and a captoe boot, such as the First Avenue or maybe the Eagle County. I think those two are perfect, for some reason.
This can be repaired, though it will be a little kludgy. The cobbler will glue or sew a leather patch over the hole. It works in a pinch and is fine if it does not bother you. I'd take it to a cobbler and ask them what they think.
EC is 2 last vs. Dalton 1 last. The 2 last is narrower, so EC may be "sleeker", depending on what you mean. I find a material difference in fit with the 2 last, so make sure you can wear it.
Had a chance to stop by a store last night to see all the new (new being relative; ~ 6 months) styles. I find that my impressions from seeing the shoes in person are usually different than what I expected from the online pictures. I really liked the Long Branch. The black in particular is really nice with the pebbled leather and what I thought was very nice finishing. Seriously thought about buying a pair, but unsure how I would wear black boots. Nonetheless, really...
Is it fairly new? I don't recognize the style of the tag, but the terminology sure sounds like Hickey Freeman. And it has the US-made union label.The Bentley model would be fully canvassed with softer shoulders, from their Mahogany collection.
Completely agree with this. I've learned to only wear my measured size in shoes and not try to force the fit by going up or down in length or width. It just creates other problems. Some lasts just don't fit. The only exceptions are lasts that are known to be generous and acknowledged that way by the manufacturer, such as the Tricker's 4444 or Alden Trubalance, for example.
They offer the Player's Shoe, which is a) out of production and b) on the narrow 2 last. But it pops up periodically on Shoebank.com as seconds/closeout and there is also a version for Ralph Lauren.You can also custom make the MacNeil in suede.
I don't disagree with you there. But AE has deemed these seconds, so let's assume they are. Why did they get sent out to the customer? That's my issue.
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