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I think 240 is narrower. It definitely feels tighter in the toe box than my RL Lindricks. From researching, it sounds like consensus is 240 is narrower than 341 (Harlech) and 325 (Lindrick). See this thread on AAAC: http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?118642-Ordering-a-pair-of-Crockett-and-Jones-and-could-use-some-information-about-sizes-compared-to-other-brandsI'v not tried the Harlech in person, however. Just going by what I've read.The BB...
I second the burgundy. I bought black, dark brown, and burgundy. The black and dark brown are mostly for dress, and while they are both great, the burgundy west end is the belt that really says "wow!". I went with the stainless steel buckle for the burgundy, as shown on the website, and it is a perfect combination. A great shade for any burgundy/cordovan shoe color, as Patrick says..
Yes. You have to call them, and they will email you a prepaid label.
+1.I think a lot of us go through this bargain hunting phase, where we try to make the great deal work. But in the end, you realize it's better not to settle on a bad fit. You'll end up not wearing the shoes. And it's better to have one pair of shoes you love that fit well, rather than two or three pair of ill fitting shoes.I also find that something else always comes along. Maybe the correct size will come around in the outlets, or there will be something else you like....
I often don't get email confirmation when I order from the outlets. I think they get busy and forget to do it. I've never had my order not completed, though.
Yeah, I didn't describe it well. It's a very strong shoulder and slim through the body with relatively high armholes. I think (not sure) that the Austin is slimmer, along with the narrow lapels.
I think Anthony, which is the "regular" RLBL fit is the one you want; not the Austin, which is newer. Yes, pretty sure both made by Caruso.
Those measurements look almost exactly like a 40R. I wonder if the seller has more than one suit and mixed up the measurements.RRL usually fits like Black Label. Should have that in the RL store in Chicago, I would think. Slimmer fit, with a bit wider shoulders.
The Harlech is amazing. I had the BB version, but the last is too narrow for me. Spectacular boot in person. Not sure if I prefer the brown of the Harlech or the burgundy of the BB, though.
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