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That was a huge score. I have an Adriano & Sons suit I bought from eHaberdasher. It is at their Sartario Parma level of quality.I don't know who made the other stuff for A&S, but their suits by Caruso were outstanding.
They have a nice, though limited, range of mid-tier dress shoes. Take a look at these collections on their website:http://www.trickers.com/collections/mens/1829_collection/1829_collection.htmhttp://www.trickers.com/collections/mens/jermyn_st_collection/jermyn_street_collection.htmThere are also quite a few posts from people who have their dress shoes in this thread:http://www.styleforum.net/t/118908/in-praise-of-trickers/15They're not competing with C&J and EG, though.
JRD, those Della Ciana are some seriously nice sweaters. Are you familiar with the brand, or just trying them out? They seem to have a lot of really nice ones on Yoox.
That is an awesome suit. I find the S-body is a very flattering cut - slimmer than US suits, but not too slim.The only word of caution is that you often can't tell how the fabric looks in real life with STP. Although you'd think charcoal/cream would be pretty straightforward, be prepared for a possible return. And make sure you get one of the discount codes by joining their mailing list. They mail out 25 - 35% on a pretty regular basis.
SATURDAY10 for 10% off Fall-Winter. Just worked for me on the US site. Supposedly good until 8/11.
Just email the recrafting service and ask them. http://www.allenedmonds.com/wcsstore/AllenEdmonds/upload/PDF/recrafting/Recrafting_FAQ.pdfI have done that, and I can confirm YES to BB, NO to RL. But AE will have the latest info, and they are good about answering these questions.
I'm not sure. But this is likely at least a few seasons old, so I think it should match up with the Anthony. And the measurements he states are exactly the same as a RLBL suit I have in 40R.I always thought the RRL just had modified details from the RLBL suit; both made by Caruso and same fit.
double post
I think 240 is narrower. It definitely feels tighter in the toe box than my RL Lindricks. From researching, it sounds like consensus is 240 is narrower than 341 (Harlech) and 325 (Lindrick). See this thread on AAAC: http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?118642-Ordering-a-pair-of-Crockett-and-Jones-and-could-use-some-information-about-sizes-compared-to-other-brandsI'v not tried the Harlech in person, however. Just going by what I've read.The BB...
I second the burgundy. I bought black, dark brown, and burgundy. The black and dark brown are mostly for dress, and while they are both great, the burgundy west end is the belt that really says "wow!". I went with the stainless steel buckle for the burgundy, as shown on the website, and it is a perfect combination. A great shade for any burgundy/cordovan shoe color, as Patrick says..
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