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I really like the current crop of Black Fleece dress shoes. I just scored a pair of these nubucks in tan, and they are fantastic in person. C&J, I think? http://www.brooksbrothers.com/NUBUCK-STRIPE-SHOES/FH00012,default,pd.html?dwvar_FH00012_Color=GREY&contentpos=7&cgid=1189 I really like these, too: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/CALFSKIN-OXFORDS/FH00018,default,pd.html?dwvar_FH00018_Color=DKRD&contentpos=8&cgid=1189
Yeah, I realized that later.They do leave some room to shorten the sleeves, but I can see that they might not work for everybody. I'm fortunate to have "standard" length arms, so I didn't really think about that.You and I agree - they are great jackets.
Well, he did send out an email announcing Lardini as new arrivals, so I didn't regard it as a secret.But also, I'd like eHaberdasher to do well. Not only is Ben a true gentleman, but he sells great stuff. The more success he has selling his inventory, the more great things he will continue finding for us. I see it as good for everyone.
Those new Lardini sport coats are a steal. I have one of their unconstructed sport coats, and it is good quality and has an outstanding fit. These guys know how to do unlined sport coats right. Starting at $300, plus with working buttons, they are a real nice value. While I'm here, I've long thought that the neckties Ben sells under the Benjamin brand are one of the biggest bargains on his site. (Well, maybe after the suits). For $25 or $40, they are an amazing...
This was a while ago, and I don't have them anymore. But my recollection is narrower at the wide part of my foot and toe box; the heel was fine. The top, vamp, and toebox volume were fine. It was just the width.For reference, I am a D width in US sizing. If you are familiar with the Allen Edmonds 2 last, that is also too narrow for me.In comparison, the 4497 is comfortably roomy on me. I don't like tight shoes. But the 2298 was narrow enough to be uncomfortable for me.I...
I can offer my own experience, which is that the 2298 fit much narrower than the 4497. It is also narrower than the 4537, which is a dress shoe last.
Fair point.A. You don't need to recraft every time you need a resole. In fact, you shouldn't, as there are only a limited number of times you can recraft a shoe, due to the shoe being restretched on the last each time. Periodic heel and sole replacements cost much less, and don't need to be done by AE.B. Some people like their current shoes and don't want new replacements, due to broken-in fit, patina, or just sentiment.C. The odds of getting seconds in the shoe you...
This is spot on advice. I think everyone goes through this phase where you buy quantity because of price. Then you realize later what you really like and change the value proposition for yourself.I'd add to this that I've learned to become ruthless with fit. It has to fit well, or it's a no go.
Those are great! Look fine to me. If I had to pick one shoe from the standard AE lineup as most impressive, this is it. The style and leather combination are just a knockout. Somehow, I still have not added it to my collection, though...
The Woodlore Epic trees are notoriously short. I'm 11D, and I couldn't get the medium or the large to work. The JAB trees should be fine; actually, anything more traditionally sized.
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