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Duh... they actually say 2298 last right in the description!
Sorry to ask this again, because I know it's been answered, but I can't find it: was it ever determined what last the STP Tricker's Whitman is on? Is it 4537 or 2298?
Thanks, Zippy.Those black/natural Stows look great. Trying to decide between those and the coffee Keswicks..
Zippy, are Keswicks 4444 last? thx.
He actually lists the measurements in the description of each suit. I couldn't find a 40S on the US site, but here's the link to one on the UK site: read down below the description, and you'll see a section called "Jacket Details/Measurements", and then one for pants.Probably the same measurements, except for length, as the 40R, of which there are quite a few examples on...
Are you asking about updates on the half-canvassed suit? There was a post about that recently in the main ehaberdasher thread:'d hop over there or email ehaberdasher (Ben) directly. He probably forgot to check this thread.Hope this helps!
Thanks, gents. I did get these on sale. Not the 2-day flash sale, unfortunately - missed that. But I saw this pair in my size pop again and jumped on them, even before the current 25% off sale. Still a great deal. And great looking in person.
I really like the current crop of Black Fleece dress shoes. I just scored a pair of these nubucks in tan, and they are fantastic in person. C&J, I think?,default,pd.html?dwvar_FH00012_Color=GREY&contentpos=7&cgid=1189 I really like these, too:,default,pd.html?dwvar_FH00018_Color=DKRD&contentpos=8&cgid=1189
Yeah, I realized that later.They do leave some room to shorten the sleeves, but I can see that they might not work for everybody. I'm fortunate to have "standard" length arms, so I didn't really think about that.You and I agree - they are great jackets.
Well, he did send out an email announcing Lardini as new arrivals, so I didn't regard it as a secret.But also, I'd like eHaberdasher to do well. Not only is Ben a true gentleman, but he sells great stuff. The more success he has selling his inventory, the more great things he will continue finding for us. I see it as good for everyone.
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