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I'm almost certain the C series is half canvas, so a notch below A and B in quality. It also is trimmer with narrower lapels.
New purchase from Retrickers' ebay shop. Just received them today and very pleased. Thought I would go with something a little different for winter wear. They remind me of something by Thom Browne for BBBF with the pull tab. Beautifully finished. And they included a tin of polish! My first 4444 last shoe. Sized down 1 full size from US. This last definitely agrees with my foot. I see more of it in my future.
Are you referring to "Chromexcel"? This is a specific type and brand of leather made by Horween. It is impregnated with extra oils and does have more of a "roll" rather than a "crease". It also should be brushed, but not polished.This is not a leather specific to all Tricker's shoes - just the leather on your particular pair. However, I do agree with your statement that Tricker's in general are finished to a higher standard than Loake 1880, and they use more expensive...
This was already answered, but worth mentioning that Shoehealer has a great explanation of the different Tricker's models. Tricker's often uses different names for the same shoe, just differentiating colors or widths. It's a bit confusing in that way.http://www.shoehealer.co.uk/trickers/useful-information
Looks like they have now removed the "final sale" wording from the items that were part of the sample sale - on the US site, at least. I wasn't buying anything on final sale to begin with, and no way I ever would at the higher prices.
Totally agree with this. Outlets are almost exclusively Lindsey suits. And the retail price for the half-canvassed Lindsey is suspiciously close to that of the Mahogany - seems like only about $100 or so difference.It used to be that you could tell any of the Mohagony collection suits by the model name - always began with "A" or "B. Not sure if they still use that nomenclature. Also agree with the B Series fit. I have a Beacon and really like it. It has more...
Fit on those never worked for me, either. Feels narrow. Beautiful boot, though! I am pretty sure it is C&J - Harlech on a different last?
Send those back. I would be very surprised if AE gave you a hard time. Obvious defect.
One thing I love about the brown shell strands is that greenish look under certain light. The color changes are nice.
Nice. I love my Townleys. I think I probably bought they at the same time as you, as I remember the story about them originally made for Germany.
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