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This was already answered, but worth mentioning that Shoehealer has a great explanation of the different Tricker's models. Tricker's often uses different names for the same shoe, just differentiating colors or widths. It's a bit confusing in that way.http://www.shoehealer.co.uk/trickers/useful-information
Looks like they have now removed the "final sale" wording from the items that were part of the sample sale - on the US site, at least. I wasn't buying anything on final sale to begin with, and no way I ever would at the higher prices.
Totally agree with this. Outlets are almost exclusively Lindsey suits. And the retail price for the half-canvassed Lindsey is suspiciously close to that of the Mahogany - seems like only about $100 or so difference.It used to be that you could tell any of the Mohagony collection suits by the model name - always began with "A" or "B. Not sure if they still use that nomenclature. Also agree with the B Series fit. I have a Beacon and really like it. It has more...
Fit on those never worked for me, either. Feels narrow. Beautiful boot, though! I am pretty sure it is C&J - Harlech on a different last?
Send those back. I would be very surprised if AE gave you a hard time. Obvious defect.
One thing I love about the brown shell strands is that greenish look under certain light. The color changes are nice.
Nice. I love my Townleys. I think I probably bought they at the same time as you, as I remember the story about them originally made for Germany.
Kahuna, I think regular readers of this forum realized that you meant no offense. But I completely agree with your point about the burnishing - I think it would be helpful if AE was a little clearer about exactly what their Oxblood and Bourbon (and I also think Bob's Chili) are, and that it will be very difficult for someone to maintain that color. I think you either have to go the neutral polish route or just be resigned that your shoes will change color over time. ...
Yes, and it is luck of the draw. To RETrickers' credit, they do clearly label the box and show the value on the outside, so there should be no problem, as a single pair of shoes falls below the dutiable amount. But if US Customs wants to inspect and makes UPS do extra paperwork, you will get dinged. Just totally random, but should happen very seldom.
I'm not getting anything, but the two things that come immediately to mind for me are the MacNeil (there was a picture of it from one of the stores) and a captoe boot, such as the First Avenue or maybe the Eagle County. I think those two are perfect, for some reason.
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