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I think those are the size of the heel in inches. The correct one would depend on the size of your bootAre these the numbers you are referring to?http://www.dainite.com/dainiteproducts.html
I don't know for sure that you should be worried. A lot of people have said they size down one full size for 4497. I do not like my boots to be snug. Also, others have said the 2298 fits them fine, but for me it is too narrow. So depends on your particular foot.I wear 1/2 size down from measured in my Indy boots - are those Trubalance? My 4497 are a bit roomier, but not enough to change sizes.
I had a "not-Stow" boot from STP that was on the 2298 last. It is definitely narrower and is not a good fit for my foot. I find the 4497 and 4444 to both be good for me, as well as the 4537, which is a dress shoe last.Few comments:I take 1/2 size difference from US to UK in 4497 (wearing a medium/thick sock)I take 1 full size difference from US to UK in 4444I take 1/2 size difference from US to UK in 4537 (wearing a dress sock). I have several pairs of 4537 shoes that...
Were you there during their "normal" operations or during one of the holiday sales? I had been there a few times during their sales, when the store looked like a cheap outlet, with wooden racks holding shoes organized by size. Then I went one time during high season, and the store was completely transformed to a high end shop again, complete with glass cases and several beautiful custom makeups. The service was in line with the physical transformation, as well. Not...
Based on what you are saying, don't think you want the Addison. It is their traditional fit with structured shoulders. Read the second paragraph in this description:http://www.hickeyfreeman.com/charcoal-tasmanian-suit-addison/45304712a003/productBeacon model may be closer to what you want.http://www.hickeyfreeman.com/charcoal-tasmanian-suit-beacon/45304712b003/product
That's the gamble. You know they're going to drop prices after a big sale, but will your item make it through the sale if you wait? It's a tough call. If you like it, better safe than sorry!
Here are a couple photos I took with my phone. The only difference I see from the pictures on the ebay listing are that they used a flash, so the shoes appear grayish there. These are straight black.Ebay listing with pictures: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Trickers-size-8-Black-Bourton-Derby-country-Brogue-shoe-dainite-sole-/161570203114?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item259e55a5ea
Congrats. You bought some great suits. The quality on those Beacons is top notch. Sounds like you spent plenty of time on fit, so I assume they will look good on you. Color selection is your personal preference, but you need to feel comfortable wearing them in your workplace. I am no expert, but I have found that finding the right brand and model that works with your body is invaluable. Some just don't work, no matter how expensive they are. You had a good...
I'm almost certain the C series is half canvas, so a notch below A and B in quality. It also is trimmer with narrower lapels.
New purchase from Retrickers' ebay shop. Just received them today and very pleased. Thought I would go with something a little different for winter wear. They remind me of something by Thom Browne for BBBF with the pull tab. Beautifully finished. And they included a tin of polish! My first 4444 last shoe. Sized down 1 full size from US. This last definitely agrees with my foot. I see more of it in my future.
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