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That Yang Li jacket has been on my list since I tried it on. It's such an amazing piece.
Just received my 4-zip electric blue MDR. It's a work of art, fits beautifully, and a 14 degrees, I'm already getting some wear out of it. I've been out of the house for 20 minutes with it so far, and during that time had a stranger comment on it. I'll post pics soon.
Tracking for my mid-june MDR. Now comes the inevitable "refresh every 10-minutes for two weeks" phase of my life.
Bought a few hours ago, and now finished: The Ocean at the End of The Lane by Neil Gaiman. As far as Gaiman books go, it's very typical in motifs and the use of little-kids-see-what's-there, magic-as-matter-of-fact, and other little Gaiman/Pratchett tropes. But it was really well done. One of his better works, with no extraneous material.
One of my 2 grails from SS. I would love to get a hold of that... I'd need a M japanese size though.
I rather like the the hoodie, though not at that price point.
Most jackets aren't asymmetrical when it comes to fastening.
I'm trying to prevent attaining any more bulk throughout my chest and back. This is unfortunate, as the major bulking exercises I use are my favourite ones to do. Nothing feels better than pumping out a dozen pull ups with a couple weights hanging from your belt. It's a deep burn, heavy weight, with moderately high reps... I love it. Same goes for bench. I actually struggled for some to increase my bench press, and then I gave up, and reset all my lifts to perfect form,...
I'm trying to find a decent pair of speakers that I can use with my laptop, and later on with a record player. Something not overly large, as I tend towards a nomadic lifestyle. What should I be looking at?
I love Balmain. It sucks knowing I'll never be able to afford the jackets, but the pictures are pretty. Even the non-leathers are great.
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