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#1 still available?
Hi everyone, I added in-line images and as an added incentive, for the first two purchases I will throw in a 100% cotton, unlined Borrelli sportcoat FOR FREE. First buyer gets to choose between slightly lighter than navy or khaki. -JW
Thanks for the kind words all! All the length measurements are from the bottom of the collar and all the jackets have four working buttonholes.
Hi everyone, I am a long-time member who had the great good fortune to drop about two suit sizes. As a result, I have a number of things that just don't fit anymore and I can't bring myself to have them taken in nearly two sizes—I just can't imagine that working. I have four items that I think are worth posting here before I post them to Ebay: Kiton suit: asking $1,600 - 100% substantial cashmere, unlined 3/2 button suit with flat front trousers - Grey/green prince of...
I cornered one of the Japanese higher-ups and he said that they didn't have any at the moment due to the skinny jean craze (they do get points for being on-trend) but that they were planning on bringing some in.
Hi, I'm interested in the denim blue flannels. PM me?
For the Sartoriale line that is.
Anybody seen Miami Vice yet? I'm curious if anyone know who made the shirt that the main bad guy was wearing when we first meet him, in his tricked out limo-SUV.
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