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Man, those Harald dresses are awesome. Not my wife's size/color otherwise I might kop. Be nice to see more of that pop up.
Melo has reached level 27! Which vest is that? I just returned an eBay'd Geller vest that I bought out of spite of losing the black Y!JP one. Figured I'd never wear it.
Yes. Solid look, there. How's that coating feel? Is that the 'brown' zip blazer? Obviously not a perfectly color accurate pic, but it looks like it slides between brown and brownish-green?? Also, shouldn't you be sporting at least 2-3 more layers, plus a scarf and jewelry to achieve maximum gellerz?
A bit more on the Conrad: Only two sizes were made 57 and 59, with a 3/4in difference between two sizes. Despite how the pic looks, it did not remotely fit my head. (this one was a 57) But damn, it is a cool hat. Sort of wondering if I should try to get a custom one made elsewhere. So, if any of you are on the fence . . . do it. Ssense has it for $115 now. (this is from Totokaelo, btw)
I'd say this is a good approximation of the SS14 palette: (Quick photoshop mock)
for me Cadet Jacket Flight Pants (maybe - design is similar to originals, but cut might be loose still) Cross Sweatshirt Maybe some Seconds stuff depending on color/details, etc Kinda sad about the ladder tank. Not into it.
*sigh* Here's my list. Please add more if there are any I...
Like, maybe . . . the one plastered all over the (US) site? HOLIDAY25
In my opinion, the Sepia jeans are less stretchy than the previous iterations. They do still contain 5% stretch, but the structure of the fabric is different, so they aren'y quite the same. Previous versions were made of material that had a bit more stretch and the material was denser and layered. Kinda like it had several layers of material and each layer was stretchy, but this current iteration is only one layer - so once you hit the stretch point, it's like a hard stop.
yeah, I think it looks great. I find the Seconds hoodies to feel slightly short on me - but I have a long torso. Might also be the lack of dual zips.
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