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If you can't draw reasonably well, I'm pretty sure it'd be a waste of $20
That might be my #1 jacket that I wish had actually been made for the past couple years. Asymmetrical jackets are sometimes weird to wear, but fuckin a that one looks nice. I can draw technical stuff like that RGeller SkillShare class teaches, and it would be fun to turn my random clothing sketches into something bigger, but I have little to no knowledge on how stuff is actually sewn and constructed, which might be a problem.
Y U NO 44??????
Feb 6-13th is NY Fashion Week Anyone got a date for Geller's AW14 show? (some day . . . some day I want to go)
I had a hard time resisting that thing a while back when it was floating around on eBay or whatever in my size.Came down to the fact that I just don't look good in khaki.But damn, such a nice coat.Please ask him why the 5-pocket skinny jeans fabric changed and when is it gonna get changed back
guuhhh, why is the robo not a 52....
Any other Japanese store/auction sites I should know about?
There is no hate in this thread . . . only looooove
I didn't buy much from this season . . . - Seconds tank (brown/grey) - Barney's Seconds black hoodie - Purple plaid extended tunic A few older items: - Slate mesh tank - Cotton/wool scarf - Cossack Bomber - contrast sleeve buttondown - Dark grey/purple plaid button-down - sleeveless fishtail parka - cropped flight pants - mustard jeans
What's the shearling jacket? EDIT:
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