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Any other Japanese store/auction sites I should know about?
There is no hate in this thread . . . only looooove
I didn't buy much from this season . . . - Seconds tank (brown/grey) - Barney's Seconds black hoodie - Purple plaid extended tunic A few older items: - Slate mesh tank - Cotton/wool scarf - Cossack Bomber - contrast sleeve buttondown - Dark grey/purple plaid button-down - sleeveless fishtail parka - cropped flight pants - mustard jeans
What's the shearling jacket? EDIT:
I've never thought Geller's stuff was delicate except the Souvenir jacket that someone tore off of me . . . I have Seconds stuff from the first season and it's held up amazingly well. I do get some blown stitches in jeans sometimes, though. Then again - I only wash my clothes a couple times a year. (I'm a very clean and non-stinky person) Detergent and washing machines typically destroy clothes more than wearing them. DBear- that jacket looks 10x better than I expected.
Just gonna leave this right here: (T-Mobile's CEO John Legere)
So who's got a pair of side zips they wanna sell me? (I wear 11.5-12)
Man, those Harald dresses are awesome. Not my wife's size/color otherwise I might kop. Be nice to see more of that pop up.
Melo has reached level 27! Which vest is that? I just returned an eBay'd Geller vest that I bought out of spite of losing the black Y!JP one. Figured I'd never wear it.
Yes. Solid look, there. How's that coating feel? Is that the 'brown' zip blazer? Obviously not a perfectly color accurate pic, but it looks like it slides between brown and brownish-green?? Also, shouldn't you be sporting at least 2-3 more layers, plus a scarf and jewelry to achieve maximum gellerz?
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