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It's interesting how the pieces look so different when not paired with the soldier cap. (For me - they're harder to judge with the hat, the in person pics are way easier to parse) The outerwear has a crazy duality to it - two types of jackets/coats merged into one. Nylon parka merged with wool overcoat merged with leather jacket. It's like Matrix Geller. Even single pieces look layered!
Cuffed dressy lounge pant get on my body.
I think this is my favorite collection since FW 2008. Fucking amazing. There are literally like 15+ pieces I want.
Hello Yellow http://shop.mindtrive.com/shopbrand/090/X/ Also, in case you missed it previously: Frances May Odin Acrimony
http://www.machusonline.com/collections/vendors?q=Robert+Geller A couple Seconds items in at Machus. (pullover & crew neck sweatshirt)
Merely my opinion.I meant *If you can't draw at all* then it might be rough.Not so much if you can draw reasonably but are not great at drawing garment technicals.But whatever.
If you can't draw reasonably well, I'm pretty sure it'd be a waste of $20
That might be my #1 jacket that I wish had actually been made for the past couple years. Asymmetrical jackets are sometimes weird to wear, but fuckin a that one looks nice. I can draw technical stuff like that RGeller SkillShare class teaches, and it would be fun to turn my random clothing sketches into something bigger, but I have little to no knowledge on how stuff is actually sewn and constructed, which might be a problem.
Y U NO 44??????
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