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I'm teasing you. The sweater looks rad - esp a little oversized.
snarky comment about dust As typical, and now that it's the end of the season, Reborn has updated their site with a few Gellerz.
Coated denim. Ssense, etc. Eglbc - how tall are you?! That's crazy.
This makes me velly hoppy.My epicly long plaid tunic arrived today.I am 6'2" so it doesn't look totally ridiculous.Just mostly ridiculous. In the best way possible.It's gonna take me a little bit to figure out how to style it.
I think it'd be fun to try. It's one of the better hat's he's made so far. (IMO) Unfortunately, I already look like a freak at my job since everyone else wears baggy khaki pants and XXXL tommy bahama shirts with rain-repellent shells on top. For some reason the US is just not cool with hats other than baseball caps, 5-panels, beanies and stupid tourist hats. And yet in the 50's EVERYONE WORE A HAT ALL THE TIME. $1 tshirts ruined everything.
Sizing on the 'textured vest', open stitch sweater and pigment dyed (blue LS shirt/sweater thing)? All 48s?
I'm a 50-52 wear 48-50 geller tshirts size 50 zip blazer I'm not sure what I'm going to do at this point. Probably keep on my diet/workout schedule and see where I end up in a couple months.
Heads up on that sleeveless fishtail jacket/vest I got the charcoal one in 50 and it is SUPER tight. Like, crazy tight. It's a lot thicker than it looks. (possible mine is a winter version - not sure if there was a lighter summer one, too?) Not sure if it's mis-tagged or they all just run super small.
Lost out in a RG sleeveless jacket from Y!JP cuz my proxy lost internet. Saddest day ever. in black:
My gut says this is another special collection for Barney's. The new Seconds hoodie is not the 'stripe side' - it looks like a repro of their special one from last season. Why do they get it so early?! Bizarre.
New Posts  All Forums: