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Cadet Jacket. It's baaaaaaaaack. http://www.anture.jp/Page/GOODSDETAIL-1808
Totokaelo made a mistake. (I went and checked it out in person today)They're all made in Japan - except the two leathers are made in Korea.
The shadow is playing tricks on my eyes, maaaaaan. The process used to make the cross-dye looks impossible to understand without seeing it in person. Wish it were more black-grey than green-grey. Curious if the material is soft or stiff as last season's crew was pretty burlap-y. More at Toto including the nu-skinny's in black. And THIS! http://man.totokaelo.com/robert-geller
I'm still mad that I didn't snatch up the bronze wrap bracelet that was on SuFu a couple months back. Aaron from Blackbird had this rad old Geller ring from 08-09 or so. (I think it was . . . leather wrapped?!) The stone fell out, so it had just been shoved in a drawer somewhere, they found it when they were packing up shop and adopted it as his own. I was jealous.
Left is dressy lounge, right is "easy" pant I believe.
My sight unseen kop-list: 'Sparkle" tee (edge of the planet glow shirt from the BTS shots) Petroleum Tank Cuffed Dressy Lounge pant Geometric Tank Zip Blazer (BLACCCKKK) Richard Fine Knit sweater (shown in the SF review) Plaid LS shirt Conductor wool coat
It's interesting how the pieces look so different when not paired with the soldier cap. (For me - they're harder to judge with the hat, the in person pics are way easier to parse) The outerwear has a crazy duality to it - two types of jackets/coats merged into one. Nylon parka merged with wool overcoat merged with leather jacket. It's like Matrix Geller. Even single pieces look layered!
Cuffed dressy lounge pant get on my body.
I think this is my favorite collection since FW 2008. Fucking amazing. There are literally like 15+ pieces I want.
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