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There's only one question: does mustard look good with your complexion.
Grail achieved: Black Tencel Bomber in 50 ordered. Thanks dbear for hot tip.
Counting the minutes until Frances May or MAAS stuff goes on sale . . .
I'd go TTS if you wash often.Down a size if you don't or if you want a more fitted look.The typical Geller t-shirt fabric is pretty stretchy and forgiving.I'm a 42+ chest and I wear 50 typically for my Geller tees.
Snap. What about the Seconds tshirt and tank? Same color? Tencel Bomber:
Is it *actually* mustard? The pics made it look like pale canary yellow. Hint: Mustard is the color of my avatar
I have a 42 chest and a 50 fit me slim, if you're on the line maybe go 52. If you want slim - go 50.
Geller does not make 54. I called 12345 and they said they don't know what's coming because they never got the order form back.
I get the feeling they're some weird artsy stoners from CO who can't figure out how to operate a 'web sight'.
RINSE! RINSE! RINSE! RINSE! Kinda hilarious that Acrimony got the YELLOW bomber, but not the black. Cuz black never sells, right?
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