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Snap. What about the Seconds tshirt and tank? Same color? Tencel Bomber:
Is it *actually* mustard? The pics made it look like pale canary yellow. Hint: Mustard is the color of my avatar
I have a 42 chest and a 50 fit me slim, if you're on the line maybe go 52. If you want slim - go 50.
Geller does not make 54. I called 12345 and they said they don't know what's coming because they never got the order form back.
I get the feeling they're some weird artsy stoners from CO who can't figure out how to operate a 'web sight'.
RINSE! RINSE! RINSE! RINSE! Kinda hilarious that Acrimony got the YELLOW bomber, but not the black. Cuz black never sells, right?
Did SSense drop Geller? Still got nothing.
Just kopped a FW2008 scarf through a friend. Never worn. Booyah.
no shit, I did not know that. So that may negate the price discount depending on shipping and customs.
I was gonna tell you guys to grab the khaki Dip Dye from HypeBeast cuz it's $70 cheaper than anywhere else but . . . looks like they're almost gone already. One small left! http://store.hypebeast.com/brands/robert-geller
New Posts  All Forums: