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Flight pants in 52 - the ankle opening is like 2x that of my jeans. That seems . . . odd. I guess I'll get em tapered by a tailor . . .
Early FW drops at Anture JP (Zip blaze, surface tshirt, 2 plaid, 2 striped shirt, 5-pocket skinnies) http://www.anture.jp/Page/GOODSLIST-9
Am I gonna get in trouble if I wear my flight pants not on a flight? Arrive tomorrowwww.
I love those Joseph shades. I have two pair. White and black. White ones have started to stain somehow. Not sure how to clean em. On an unrelated note, I lost a bid for a brown/purple fuzzy pair of Richard pants from a couple seasons ago that would match my blazer. . . . so I bit the bullet and ordered flight pants from Nomad.
Agreed. I don't like air touching my ankle skin. #ocd #seattle #dontlookatme
Geller x Yelp collab: red tencel boxers w/ rubberized crotch
Still my grail:
Agreed. Really good price for a solid basic.
Couple new Barney's special RG Seconds pieces. http://www.barneys.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-BNY-Site/default/Search-Show?cgid=BARNEYS&prefn1=designer&prefv1=Robert%20Geller|Seconds%20by%20Robert%20Geller
Totokaelo is kinda bad about correctly listing manufacturing locations. I think we had this same issue last year with the jeans. I apologize. China it is.
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