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Like, maybe . . . the one plastered all over the (US) site? HOLIDAY25
In my opinion, the Sepia jeans are less stretchy than the previous iterations. They do still contain 5% stretch, but the structure of the fabric is different, so they aren'y quite the same. Previous versions were made of material that had a bit more stretch and the material was denser and layered. Kinda like it had several layers of material and each layer was stretchy, but this current iteration is only one layer - so once you hit the stretch point, it's like a hard stop.
yeah, I think it looks great. I find the Seconds hoodies to feel slightly short on me - but I have a long torso. Might also be the lack of dual zips.
I believe the time period for this collection's inspiration was the 1920's. I don't know where that hat fits in. I'd be really curious to know what type of hat that's based off of . . .
Sold to me.
I'm teasing you. The sweater looks rad - esp a little oversized.
snarky comment about dust As typical, and now that it's the end of the season, Reborn has updated their site with a few Gellerz.
Coated denim. Ssense, etc. Eglbc - how tall are you?! That's crazy.
This makes me velly hoppy.My epicly long plaid tunic arrived today.I am 6'2" so it doesn't look totally ridiculous.Just mostly ridiculous. In the best way possible.It's gonna take me a little bit to figure out how to style it.
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