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Pant on right is the Easy Pant in grey.Pant on left is dressy lounge pant in . . .mustardy-yellow?Embroidered collar shirt at Odin
AcriMONEY / FW14 EDIT: (double link)
When you open Gellerz, never cut deep.
Kinda bummed I missed out on the matching purple-brown matching pants om YJP cuz they look dope together.
Tanks.Typically Seconds stretches a bit, so they end up fitting even looser, but the last season was TTS and didnt stretch.S/S14 is a size tighter and may not stretch.I would exchange except the blue in XL is sold out!Might just return em.
East Dane stuff fit a size smaller than expected. Doh. Hopefully it stretches out a bit.
It's typically slightly more expensive than finding the item stateside on sale. But of course, if you find something that wasn't available in your country or you missed out on something, it's worth it. You can sign up without an address, just use Chrome for auto-translate and pretend you can read what the signup process says and make your best guess. You won't be ordering from them anyway. I had a bunch of old Geller stuff in my cart (that has since sold out) and I wish...
must . . . . resist . . . . buying . . . . everything . . . in .... 50
grailz in wrong sizes.
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