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thanks Seconds up on SSense (I assume mainline will follow shortly) https://www.ssense.com/men/designers/robert_geller_seconds (weird to me that the paneled pullover sweatshirt turned out all black instead of black+grey similar to the Navy and Blue versions . . .)
what is NMWA?
They had a site, then it died, then they put up an "un-site" A little RSVP RG editorial http://www.complex.com/style/2014/08/rsvp-gallery-releases-editorial-featuring-offerings-from-robert-geller-fall-winter-2014-collection
Good question. Have you seen their 'website'?
I also had one of the shoulders pull out a little bit when I put it on. So, might be a little bit of a problem.
Pant on right is the Easy Pant in grey.Pant on left is dressy lounge pant in . . .mustardy-yellow?Embroidered collar shirt at Odinhttp://www.odinnewyork.com/search.asp?Mode=Product&Type=Shop&TypeID=60&ProductID=3912
AcriMONEY / FW14 https://www.shopacrimony.com/brands/robert-geller-seconds https://www.shopacrimony.com/brands/robert-geller EDIT: (double link)
When you open Gellerz, never cut deep.
Kinda bummed I missed out on the matching purple-brown matching pants om YJP cuz they look dope together.
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