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ok ok, oversized it is
I personally like longer silhouettes, but I agree that is quite long and oversized! It looks like the shoulder seam droops off the corner of your shoulder. Typically a tell-tale sign you should size down. Really hoping we'll see another drop with some of the more interesting and unique pieces. I keep getting frustrated that the neatest stuff doesn't get picked up . . . (the stripy toy soldier jackets, dressy lounge pants, wool tees/etc)
RE: Canada post tracking: Plug that tracking # into and watch that magic happen.
ok, you guys styled it better than I. Now I will reconsider. or sell my purple and get the grey one PS: previous one was 64% polyester, 35% cotton, 1% polyurethane
The only way I could manage it was having the bottom two buttons unbuttoned and then tying the front tails.
thanks Seconds up on SSense (I assume mainline will follow shortly) (weird to me that the paneled pullover sweatshirt turned out all black instead of black+grey similar to the Navy and Blue versions . . .)
what is NMWA?
They had a site, then it died, then they put up an "un-site" A little RSVP RG editorial
Good question. Have you seen their 'website'?
I also had one of the shoulders pull out a little bit when I put it on. So, might be a little bit of a problem.
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