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It's typically slightly more expensive than finding the item stateside on sale. But of course, if you find something that wasn't available in your country or you missed out on something, it's worth it. You can sign up without an address, just use Chrome for auto-translate and pretend you can read what the signup process says and make your best guess. You won't be ordering from them anyway. I had a bunch of old Geller stuff in my cart (that has since sold out) and I wish...
must . . . . resist . . . . buying . . . . everything . . . in .... 50
grailz in wrong sizes.
I had the opposite response to the Barney's stuff. The reverse sleeve hoodie sleeves are like sails, while the main Seconds stuff was slim. East Dane: Code is 25EXTRA If you sign in with your amazon account, click back to the 'cart' link in the flow if things shift (I had an extra item thrown in and I had to reapply the coupon code)
Ahhh the new knit tank looks so . . .
Flight pants in 52 - the ankle opening is like 2x that of my jeans. That seems . . . odd. I guess I'll get em tapered by a tailor . . .
Early FW drops at Anture JP (Zip blaze, surface tshirt, 2 plaid, 2 striped shirt, 5-pocket skinnies) http://www.anture.jp/Page/GOODSLIST-9
Am I gonna get in trouble if I wear my flight pants not on a flight? Arrive tomorrowwww.
I love those Joseph shades. I have two pair. White and black. White ones have started to stain somehow. Not sure how to clean em. On an unrelated note, I lost a bid for a brown/purple fuzzy pair of Richard pants from a couple seasons ago that would match my blazer. . . . so I bit the bullet and ordered flight pants from Nomad.
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