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I think it'd be fun to try. It's one of the better hat's he's made so far. (IMO) Unfortunately, I already look like a freak at my job since everyone else wears baggy khaki pants and XXXL tommy bahama shirts with rain-repellent shells on top. For some reason the US is just not cool with hats other than baseball caps, 5-panels, beanies and stupid tourist hats. And yet in the 50's EVERYONE WORE A HAT ALL THE TIME. $1 tshirts ruined everything.
Sizing on the 'textured vest', open stitch sweater and pigment dyed (blue LS shirt/sweater thing)? All 48s?
I'm a 50-52 wear 48-50 geller tshirts size 50 zip blazer I'm not sure what I'm going to do at this point. Probably keep on my diet/workout schedule and see where I end up in a couple months.
Heads up on that sleeveless fishtail jacket/vest I got the charcoal one in 50 and it is SUPER tight. Like, crazy tight. It's a lot thicker than it looks. (possible mine is a winter version - not sure if there was a lighter summer one, too?) Not sure if it's mis-tagged or they all just run super small.
Lost out in a RG sleeveless jacket from Y!JP cuz my proxy lost internet. Saddest day ever. in black:
My gut says this is another special collection for Barney's. The new Seconds hoodie is not the 'stripe side' - it looks like a repro of their special one from last season. Why do they get it so early?! Bizarre.
Am I trippin' balls or did Barney's add a few 'new' Seconds items?|Seconds%20by%20Robert%20Geller
Why would anyone rip on a jean jacket.
slightly too short sleeves are the bane of my long arms.
Questions I should have asked before this morning: How does the long tunic fit? I'm assuming standard slim Gller shirt fit?
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