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Though I'm not a fan of the bleach striping - the structure of that jacket in the bottom left corner is fucking awesome. The collar, specifically. (nabbed the brown-grey jeans from Gilt, tee hee) Which reminds me - I wanna show you guys my old 'smoke blue' Geller jeans which have seriously aged and discolored to a pretty insane level due to the dye color structure, skin oil/dirt and my lack of washing them. I'll try to post pics tonight.
Yep. More evidence that they the new one is the exact classic cadet jacket that I am still angry that I don't own. Meaning, I can now own it. (hopefully in dark grey/black/dark blue!)
What the - where are those from? Brown plain back pocket?
Dat bomber . . . (#22) Looks so good. Curious about the material New tank style. Last vest is like holy wtf is that omg bbq what COVERALLLLLLSSSSSSS EDIT: Loving the big cross dark green sweatshirt in #6 Flight pants in yellow looks good. #19
Sometimes I feel like Ssense is trolling all of us.
There we go. http://www.ssense.com/men/designers/robert_geller Ultra long plaaaaaiiiiiiddddd (44s and 52s!)
Some of the previous styles were named after the designer, I believe. Peter, Joseph, etc.The 'Type A/B/C/D' naming was to clarify the different types/cuts/materials but never we know which is which, so not sure that one worked out.
From Toto More sepia (fabric seems closer to original 5 pocket) Shirt Interesting pants with wool top. Crazy.
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