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just grabbed the long tunic and Seconds hoodie what is wrong with me why can't i stop
Blackbird closed their store and is now primarily a whole sale depot for oils, incense, candles, etc. Wholesale is solid profit with less work compared to retail - or at least the way Nicole (the owner) wanted to do retail. I know they're not always everyone's favorite - but the store, its people, especially Nicole, have been a huge influence on the way I think about fashion and business. She also had a special relationship with Robert and I think was one of the stores...
*cough*Peter Nguyen*cough* (via the old Blackbird blog)
His screen-printed t-shirts have always been that fabric. It's one of the best fabrics in the history of the world.
Really wish that shirt came in a dark blue instead of the dark green. Ditto with the metropolis shirt.
I might have posted that I thought it was different.I double checked again at Totokaelo but it is the same fabric as last season.My least favorite random iteration of the 5-pocket jean fabric, by far.
It's possible my experience was tainted by the fact that I really miss Blackbird and I want my ole buddies back.
DAMMIT i wish they were 52
They've been in Seattle for a long time but were exclusively women's. They moved to a newer, bigger store in a better location and opened a men's store. (attached but separate) I know Blackbird was a pain in the ass sometimes, but I miss them a ton. Totokaelo is really sterile and less friendly, in my opinion.
I found my Seconds Tank from this season to fit TTS leaning slighty big. The material is less soft and stretchy so it behooves the material to fit slightly looser. Have not tried on anything else from this season but this makes me very curious to try a few things on. I definitely feel like Geller has been tweaking things over the past couple seasons to land on something a little more solid both for sizing/patterning and fit, and from a business sense. (changing some...
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