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Weird. SutoCorp emailed me to say they had shipped my item 3 days after they had received it from the seller. But it was already on my desk. Seattle is a relatively quick hop from Japan and the cost of the product was under $200. $200 and over and you might run into longer customs and import duties. ANYWAY I got the brown plaid pattern shirt with dark grey sleeves and the dark grey plaid pleated shoulder shirt. The grey plaid is a little small . . . but I am hoping...
I got the impression that they weren't really operating any more. I emailed them once and didnt' get a response so I went with Sutocorp.
No, that guy just has a weird neck.Look at his hands!
Mickey Mouse buttons.
There was probably a 44 but they've had them in store for several weeks.
Don't quote me on this, but I think this is the 'normal' Geller jean material, not the striated thinner material from last season's Sepias. (Why didn't anyone else pick these up this season?!) http://man.totokaelo.com/store/products/robert-geller/fw13/type-d-denim/sepia-black
UPDATE: A birdie tells me the original names are coming back . . . soo . . . cool, man.
This question has been vexing me for a long, long time.Originally, there weren't really any clear names except "5 Pocket Skinny" was the standard sweat-pant soft amazing geller jean with *just* enough stretch and slimness.But when he added a bevy of new styles of jeans, everyone got confused. (buckle back, cadet style, 5-year fade, etc)So a year later, they renamed all of the jeans to A B C D but never really clarified which one was the 5-pocket skinny and what the other...
Sometimes American Rag updates their site Nothing new, except the contrast back pullover.
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