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My gut says this is another special collection for Barney's. The new Seconds hoodie is not the 'stripe side' - it looks like a repro of their special one from last season. Why do they get it so early?! Bizarre.
Am I trippin' balls or did Barney's add a few 'new' Seconds items? http://www.barneys.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-BNY-Site/default/Search-Show?cgid=BARNEYS&prefn1=designer&prefv1=Robert%20Geller|Seconds%20by%20Robert%20Geller
Why would anyone rip on a jean jacket.
slightly too short sleeves are the bane of my long arms.
Questions I should have asked before this morning: How does the long tunic fit? I'm assuming standard slim Gller shirt fit?
just grabbed the long tunic and Seconds hoodie what is wrong with me why can't i stop
Blackbird closed their store and is now primarily a whole sale depot for oils, incense, candles, etc. Wholesale is solid profit with less work compared to retail - or at least the way Nicole (the owner) wanted to do retail. I know they're not always everyone's favorite - but the store, its people, especially Nicole, have been a huge influence on the way I think about fashion and business. She also had a special relationship with Robert and I think was one of the stores...
*cough*Peter Nguyen*cough* (via the old Blackbird blog)
His screen-printed t-shirts have always been that fabric. It's one of the best fabrics in the history of the world.
Really wish that shirt came in a dark blue instead of the dark green. Ditto with the metropolis shirt.
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