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My purple plaid 52 long shirt is definitely roomier than the 'standard geller' button up shirt. (PS: anyone wanna trade me this season's grey plaid for my purple? ;D)
Robert Geller Rayon/Cotton sleeveless fishtail jacket. Size 50 Fits fairly slim, especially around the mid-section and waist. I would really love to trade for this in a 52. (other possible trades: himalayan jacket, coated toggle bomber or fishtail parka, 'washed' bomber, fencing shirt . . . other misc 08/09 Geller items) Robert Geller 5-Pocket Skinny Jeans Mustard size 48 This has been my grail for so long and I finally procured them, just in a size I hoped I could...
And if anyone got the long plaid in black/grey size 52 and doesnt want it, i will buy or trade (I've got the purple/grey from last season)
Those photos are bad ass.
The anger that I feel about not even getting a chance to try on the dressy lounge pants . . . . is overwhelming.
Mustard DANZIG tee sz 46 on YH!JP Also 44, in 'taupe' which I never knew existed.
We're probably of similar size, I can fit into a Geller button up in 52 - but the long flannel is purposefully looser and a 52 was plenty - maybe just slightly large in the chest - but comfortable.I would like to look a bit more in shape, however. ;]*throw away cheetos*
Did they get the wool cuffed trousers in purple?? (dressy lounge pants, i think they're called)
Machus can no longer carry Geller? Did they break a rule or something?
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