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It looks stained and filthy . . . in the best way possible. I like it.
Well if it doesn't work out . . . Let me know.
Whoever sniped the ivy ring. Yer a jerk.
@xdarrellx If that long mesh tank is straight up grey and you don't want it - let me know. Had a "brick" one that was way too short. I have a very long torso. 😁
I think that sale prices not appearing on the designer landing page hurts you. I wonder if on-model shots would be helpful? As mentioned above, sometimes hard to 'get' Geller from photos, but model shots are a step in the right direction. However, Nomad doesn't seem to do this either. Curious what others think of this. Measurements are always good, too. But these are probably not the biggest factors. Was it Geller in particular that didn't sell well or was buying down...
Should have sworn at them at length in German to drive home the point.
NY fashion week is early Feb. He'll have a show.
No. 10k would be high.I've worked on sites of similar scope and unless you code the entire CMS and front end from scratch, that's ridiculous. There are MANY templates and customizable stacks that you can get up for 5k or less if you don't care as much about aesthetics.Anyway, wrong thread. A link to that particular thread would be helpful.
I wonder if lost sales because of customer frustration have amounted to equal the cost of fixing the site by now?
That Lambskin is insane. But so is the price. Glad it wouldn't fit me.
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