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Quote: Originally Posted by wmmk eason, didn't mean to imply that you're a gigolo, lulz. I just appreciate that you seem to dress with the purpose of making it clear that you're ripped. No pretentious BS about expressing your solidatiry with the working man, or being all spooky like a ninja. (I really like workwear and gothninja, I'm just saying your style is refreshingly straightforward) chrono, cool stuff. What's the jacket? Anyway, here's today's...
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn I figured it was the high lactose in BF since it's a pure whey concentrate. ON 100% is a mix of concentrate and isolate, and much easier on the stomach. I don't really care that much about taste (I chug maca and spirulina smoothies daily), but it's the belly aches and bloating that steered me away from cheap whey. isolate is by far the easiest on the stomach,and micellar is the heaviest,as it just sits in...
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug You should get to know me better then . but your arent young,smooth,tanned and more importantly,asian...preferably filipino plus i couldnt kiss a guy with a ridiculous hairdo,ok
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug Haha. I took that shit down after the initial goofing around. Maybe esquire is right though. With the right nivea care products and kenneth cole clothing, i too could be The Best Dressed Real Man somehow i think you were serious....and delusional,my scraggy haired friend
then how are you going to win Esquires Best DressedRealMan Award ? eh
Quote: Originally Posted by andychen I post this thread just out of curiosity. Basically I want to have an idea how fellow SFers wear slim jeans if you like slim fit. Measure your upper thigh circumference and divide it by two, and then measure the upper thigh of the slim jeans. What is the difference?
the lesser know brands are not as pure...they have too much filler in them,and that is what makes you sick
Quote: Originally Posted by robertorex well what makes chicken breasts so unpalatable is the lack of fat. Breasts without fat, imagine that! None of that juicy softness to play with or lick around in your mouth. Damn! its all in the seasoning and how you cook it try morrocan seasoning and canola spray,then slowly cook it in a pan with the top on...say 6-7 min each sideon low heat make sure you dont over cook it
Quote: Originally Posted by gamblor Turkey Sandwich Salmon avocado sushi Carne asada with rice and beans in tortillas Orange juice Almonds and fruit and bread to fill in any hungry gaps definately not enough protein
i stand be my retard comment,ok
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