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Selling a brand new Kawatako wallet - never used. Will include a slightly used Skull denim (from Self Edge) leather wallet chain. Selling together only. Will ship for free within US.
Decided to write this as a word of caution about the new batch of Luchino Polo shirts. Dry clean them. Never wash. (or size up and then wash). Washed mine in cold water and dried on "no heat" setting (just like I do with my other Luchino from last year) - it became a square that is about 2.5" - 3" shorter than it was. The width shrank too, but it is tolerable and expected. Here's a photo. Blue one is the washed one from last year (or whenever the first batch shipped) -...
Question on Luchino polos. How tall is your model in photos and what size he is wearing in those. Thank you.
'm selling this brand new with tags still attached, never worn Schott 643 classic american motorcycle leather jacket. Size 36. Schott made these in limited numbers, here in the USA for sale at a couple of official japanese retailers. Rare, I bought this one in Tokyo. Selling at a loss only because it doesn't fit me right (should've sized up). Heavy leather jacket with zipped synthetic fur lining for colder weather and once unzipped can be worn in a warmer climate - very...
Any plans for new polo shirts this year? If yes - around when?
Selling brand new Pure Blue Japan Jeans XX-003 - Full leg, very close to original 501 fit. Got these from Blue in Green. Incredible denim - but the leg is too wide for me. Already ordered different size. Can't return these - just trying to get most of my money back. Soaked by guys in the store - so no further shrinkage expected. Never worn. Waist 32" and chainstitched at 30,5" inseam. The price and more info on sizing is here I accept Paypal only. Free CONUS shipping. PM...
Never mind - missed it.
How tall are you? Trying to figure out the jacket sizing.
Looking for a cotton, size US 38 Valstar/Valstarino or Ring, type A1 like jacket. No suede or leather.
Resurrecting an old thread. I'm currently looking for a cotton button up A1 type summer jacket., like what Valstarino or Ring makes. I am in US. Dont really care about the brand, just care about the quality and fit. If anyone has a suggestions I'd appreciate it - cant seem to find anything in size US38.
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