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Selling my pair of Alden Perkins Navy Suede Captoe Balmorals. Size: 8D. Made for Epaulet in 2014. Great shoes, nothing wrong with them. These are on Alden's Hampton last - Fits true to size. Single flex welt sole. Shoes been worn before. About 10 times - so hardly worn at all. I used insoles - so the insides are completely clean with no footprint. Selling exactly what's on the pictures.Complete set - box, bags, spare laces. Will include Woodlore cedar shoetrees for...
Looking for that Japanese made Nom De Guerre Shawl Collar Peacoat in size M. Color Grey. Missed in on ebay once cant find it since. Maybe someone has it in good condition.
Self explanatory - Selling these DVD's as a pair for 30$ in USA only. Will ship CONUS for free. Brand new, unopened disks - got them as a gift, but I already have them.
The response I got from Leather Soul, where I bought these:"Yes, we have seen this problems where the oil from the flex sole is sinking into the upper suede leather.Many of the recent suede shoes actually came in like this.Alden have told us that these oil will eventually dry out and would go away."Somehow I doubt the oil stain can just go away just like that from the suede.I emailed Alden, will see if they respond. I would pay to fix it. I also have a specialized leather...
Looks like this is exactly what it is. Do you know if it spreads during time? and wonder if there's a fix. Hmm. What would Alden Restoration do?
Yes, the welt parts.None of the sweat/oil happened. No rain or water involved.It was pretty much in straight out of the box like that. Looks OK in certain light and not so OK otherwise. Never really bothered me. Still curious if I can help it.
Have you guys seen anything like this before? Any advice? These are Alden Hampton Suede. Have never even been near the water.
Selling a brand new Kawatako wallet - never used. Will include a slightly used Skull denim (from Self Edge) leather wallet chain. Selling together only. Will ship for free within US.
Decided to write this as a word of caution about the new batch of Luchino Polo shirts. Dry clean them. Never wash. (or size up and then wash). Washed mine in cold water and dried on "no heat" setting (just like I do with my other Luchino from last year) - it became a square that is about 2.5" - 3" shorter than it was. The width shrank too, but it is tolerable and expected. Here's a photo. Blue one is the washed one from last year (or whenever the first batch shipped) -...
Question on Luchino polos. How tall is your model in photos and what size he is wearing in those. Thank you.
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