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Only worn in my house to test fit. A bit tight for my marginally wide, high instep. $390 $325 $275 $255 includes lasted trees. Shipping at cost to buyer.
Edward Green Walcot 10/10.5D 888 BNIB w/ lasted trees $725 $695 $675 These shoes have been tried on but never worn and are as new. Please do not ask for measurements. If you aren't familiar with the last you should probably try them on at a store first. Additional photos upon request. Price includes domestic USPS Priority shipping.
3-4 weeks? really? did you ever take them off?
Is this the type of ensemble you were sporting at the party? If so...stay with it. She picked you!
^ I should have been more clear. OP: Take them to the AE store and speak with them. My guess is they take care of it on the spot.
Quote: Originally Posted by ZON_JR A piece of rubber on the sole starting to come off hardly equals "shoes fell apart". +1 In no way am I an AE fanboy...or apologist...but this is a troll. OP: Have you considered simply speaking with AE? I'd bet they will take care of it with out question.
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