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I have to wait until my next paycheck before I can splurge on that gorgeous RLPL!! Stephen, I should have raided your closet when I was in London last week.
Quote: Originally Posted by jungshoe for me it would have been a ticket pocket and peak lapels Well I'm glad for my sake that neither of those were present...
That BB looks a bit larger than a 36R? Seems more like a 38 to me?
Quote: Originally Posted by jungshoe how is that 3 piece still around? Because it no longer is
PM sent on #30..
PM sent for #7 and #25.
I use Caredlino a lot and can vouch for the fact that they do lean towards boxy. However, they have always redone work for me at no charge, and are always very pleasant and patient with me.
I saw Osipova as well, brilliant. Made the dastardly mistake of not watching Nina do it, which I will forever regret, as I've read her final performance of Giselle on Friday was simply brilliant. Should have also checked out Vishneva, but keep putting it off until next year. I am however seeing Nina tomorrow in La Sylphide and Wednesday with Osipova again. There was a last minute scheduling change and Osipova performed today. Very curious to hear about it! I can...
Quote: Originally Posted by poorsod I got a junk mail pamphlet from the Kennedy center saying that the Bolshoi is playing Spartacus 2/16/10 - 2/21/10. How on earth I got into the mailing list for the Kennedy Center I have no idea. OMG I hate much are tickets? I'll probably head down to DC just to watch...if any other NYC SFers want to go to plz let me know.
Quote: Originally Posted by von Rothbart Speaking of Le Corsaire, it opens tonight at the Met. Given the underlying political incorrectness of the story, ABT had no choice but to stage it with tongue in cheek. The Russians have no such baggage to carry and they can stage it with a straight face. Some of the younger soloists looked great tonight. I couldn't tell if it was Ahn or Hee Seo in the trio, but whoever she was was stellar....
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