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Wait a min, that cant be right either. I was at TF getting a sports coat altered and a woman bought a $6700 jacket for her husband that day. This was beginning of last week so it was def in the month of October. Well it was actually a sorta overcoat thing so maybe technically not a "jacket"
Vachron Constantin, AP, and Patek are the "big three" watch makers. Lange is sometimes mentioned alongside them as well which doesnt really make sense because technically they are the "Big three Swiss makers" and Lange is german.As for the mainland china comment, dont be too quick to judge. It could be that whatever pateks, VC, or AP's they were able to get their hands on didnt have diamonds or whatever on them. Even in places like New York, Singapore, and Hong Kong they...
Very true, you see rolex's left and right in places like Singapore and Hong Kong. Back in the day people did other routes; like my Grandfather had a VC and my dad had a Patek ( which his cousin said he could have serviced for a really good price, and then that watch was never heard from again lol) But i think by the time my mom was an adult (20 years younger than my dad) Rolex was pretty much the norm and would be pretty much everyones graduation/wedding/first nice piece/...
This is a "sold" list right? Because if its just a list of what they offer in general Kiton has a vicuna blend one for like 50k, TF has some cashmere and fur thing for 16k and ive seen a 75k Brioni Chinchila jacket which i dont have a pic of, but heres a 40k one
What is elastine anyway? I think my kiton jeans has like 1% of that stuff
I was wondering how long until someone brought up the "for that price go MTM/Bespoke". Where are you guys getting these magical deals where you get TF quality fabric as well as construction for 1-1.5k?
Some were made in the Zegna factory as well. Ive seen them with Zegna makers tags at Barney's nyc as late as summer time last year. But it could have been one of those things like Gucci had, where some suits were done by Zegna and others by someone else.
It used to be a partnership with Zegna i think armani was like 51% and zegna was 49% or vice versa. I believe they went in house again a few years back though. I think the AC coat you felt was by Zegna cuz the ones ive seen were canvassed
Very true. I went to an hour lounge (Vacheron Constantin collectors club) meet up recently and there is a certain demographic that buys those very rare models with the expectation that they will go up in value e.g one guy paid a 30 percent downpayment of 135 grand and was complaining about how he never even got to see the watch and was asking the rep if they had even started lol. But i think with these kinds of customers its more akin to buying expensive pieces of art...
I agree with most of your points except for the first one. That is possibly the worse reason to buy an expensive watch. If im gonna drop 5-30k for a watch im not thinking to myself "hey its ok cuz i can sell it for at least half the price later on!"
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