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Singapore AD is 15% standard for audemars piguet
Absolutely! i don't even own a JLC or a frank muller but managed to snag these....
I think you are thinking of the offshore models when thinking of the thick ones. The Royal Oak Chrono has the chrono built into the movement while the royal oak offshore while also a chronograph is actually a modular movement, JLC if I'm not mistaken with a chrono stacked on top of it. Actually one of the ways you can tell that an offshore is real is the pushers are on a different level than the adjustment crown as well as the date being "sunken" as this is part of the JLC...
haha this isn't from the AD, its the hour club of vacheron. Second hand or grey market also qualifies
VC malte gran classique pictured with some free gifts from vacheron over the years. Ikepod (i think) hour glass and headphones from music fidelity
I think you are right, but for a normal consumer saying its the "james cameron" one usually means the deep sea deep blue tribute to james cameron. The actual one used i don't think is a production model and is for sale. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but i think this is the case
Nice! this is the james cameron one? do you have any wrist shots?
Audemars Piguet Royal oak chrono, Italy limited edition
I always used to hate the tudor brand but i have to say their current offerings the ranger, north flag, heritage chrono blue etc are very appealing to me, i might have a schoolboy crush on the ranger =O. I think the BB was just released with a new in house movement btw or it might have been pelagos, i get confused with their lineup.
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