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Rocking this one today. 2014 ROO safari. Wasn't so sure about the size/design as I'm more of a slim dress watch person, but it really grew on me On a side not, finally completed the "Trinity"!
Its not just varied by designer, even within the Tom Ford range i wear sizes ranging from 8.5 to 10.5. It depends on the model of shoe you are looking at. The best thing you can do is try and find a store that stocks them and try them on there before buying online, and this is not just because of different markings due to EU vs US sizing, i bought a pair of oxfords from the NYC store and i fit into a 9.5, from the same store i have a pair of loafers that i needed a 10.5...
I think i get what you are saying, but why would you want to do that? Im not a trained tailor but in my mind all that would do is make the shoulder lifting problem worse?
The general consensus is that it can't. Technically they can be lowered because they just cut away fabric, but to raise it would mean filling in empty space. I have met some people who say it can be done but i usually waive that off to misunderstanding of what i was asking.
The suit looks fantastic! I think ive run into you btw. It was at a NSM fitting in NYC, your hairstyle is a bit distinctive . C&M share shop space with steed yeah? was planning on paying edwin a visit in july and would also like to check out C&M
Love the calatrava cufflinks! Btw what the name of that shirt cuff? That non folded over french cuff i mean
There are some huge price differences in the brands you mentioned lol, i think borrelli starts at like 5 grand now?, and j press is like 3 grand?. Also to add to your list maybe try Isaia (not sure how soft their shoulders are since making a push for the american market), Kiton, and Attolini. The Borrelli shoulder looks a bit weird to me, i know its like unpadded yada yada, but it has this weird squarish shape i cant really describe. Who knows that might just be my...
It was a thread on here about how sometimes the crazy discounts during the recession where you would be able to find Brioni, Kiton, etc for like 75% off, there comes a point where you are paying less than the actual cost of the fabric. Btw pure vicuna would be wayyyyyy more than $800 a meter.....Btw love the blog. Especially the "all natural" pics of a young sophia lauren
Its just that jacket, tom ford suiting which is what comes up the most for these topics starts at about $3200 last time i checked in about october of last year. Its still quite a stretch but doesnt sound as bad as starting from 6500 lolEdit: i just read the second part of your post. I have like 15 shirts from tom ford, i think at least half of them i bought at full retail from their madison store but have never seen prices like that. I mean ok they were like 300-500 but...
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