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Thanks for the info! a few months back was looking at a 5270G blue dial with the leno chin going for the equivalent of 109k USD full set etc. Didn't really have the balls to pull the trigger though =(
3970! holy moley!. Hey frills whats your view on the 5270? no tach vs chin vs overlap? Someday hopefully ill be able to grab a perpetual chrono
Nope just one range. Price depends on fabric like most other brands but their starting price was 3200 (2 piece) before sales tax etc. But to be fair their average price is about 5k USD. Dunhill i haven't checked in a while but if i remember correctly it was in the 2-3k range
Annual calendar moon phase vs annual calendar moon phase..... Ok i know technically the one on the left is a perpetual......
When i used to live in NYC Tom Ford started at $3200 USD, $4200 for their standard grey 3 piece, Zegna couture started at about $5000. But regardless of which one starts more expensive they are roughly around the same pricing dependent on fabrics, for dunhill to be "significantly lower" makes no sense at all
some picture from a GTG a few weeks back that i found The Safari is mine not the diamond one =P This one is also an interesting piece. Its a star wheel from AP. If I'm not mistaken these pre date Urwerk
This doesn't make any sense. Zegna Couture has a slightly higher starting point than TF. Over here in singapore its actually about 1k SGD which at current (as of this post) exchange rates is $720 USD. This is understandable because even though they are made in the same place to the same standard TF does not have the handmade buttonholes of Zegna Couture and to me at least the fabric of Zegna Couture was slightly better which explains the price difference. For Dunhill to be...
Singapore AD is 15% standard for audemars piguet
Absolutely! i don't even own a JLC or a frank muller but managed to snag these....
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