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Quote: Originally Posted by osc +1 - would like to see any feedback. Maybe mdavie can offer SFers a deal to try it out... At these prices I can't go lower as that is already a great deal. I will put it out there, the first person to contact me I will make them a free Prestige dress shirt. Only rules to this are you have to be in Toronto (so you can get fitted in the showroom) and you have to post telling everyone about it. My email and phone...
Quote: Originally Posted by dkzzzz They make some really nice shoes for Japanese and Australian shops. I have friends who travel there just to get custom dress shoes made. They live in the region so flights aren't expensive, but if you are going there anyways, I'd get 3-4 pairs made while you are there. -------------------------------------------------------------------
Quote: Originally Posted by dclloyd For the most part pretty good - I've ordered from, and Jantzen. In all cases the shirts fit better than RTW, although certainly not perfect, and got better after tweaking the measurements (and sending photos) on subsequent orders. Certainly I'd prefer to have the tailor do the first measurements, are you willing to fly to Vancouver for an $89 shirt? I'd love to come back to...
Quote: Originally Posted by anon nice shirts you guys have there. I especially like the contrast cuffs. Thanks. Contrast cuffs / collars are becoming more and more popular, especially with the summer coming in when people take off the tie and wear the collars open. -------------------------------------------
Great thread!! These shirts are using protection. -----------------------------------------
Quote: Originally Posted by josepidal Thread resurrect... how might these cuffs look with a button down collar? Has anyone ever tried that combination? This is a little different but it's a button down with white lining inside the cuff and white lining on the inside of the collar. Good for casual. -------------------------
Quote: Originally Posted by whistler My first tailorstore shirt arrived yesterday. I have given it a wash and iron, and am wearing it around today to get a feel for the fit. It feels a tight around the shoulder and chest, so may need to add some more room on the next order. I took the measurements off a couple of other shirts I own (taking the best features of each). Any thoughts on the fit? Measurements: Collar\t40.5 cm\t15.9...
Anyone on here visited James VII on Richmond? - I am the owner. If any of my customers are on here, hopefully they can say something (positive or negative)
Quote: Originally Posted by upnorth Before I bite, can anyone show me a picture of a fat fucker who looks good in a bespoke suit first? A bespoke suit consists of two things, the cut and the fabric. No matter the cut, if you are wearing a bright purple suit than ya, you might look like the guy from the McDonald's children's toys. But a nice black suit can slim down a large built man. -------------------------------------
Quote: Originally Posted by erdawe I have a decent white shirt that I got as a gift over summer that I use to lounge around in. tThe buttons seem just like MOP when you do the teeth test, I would presume so. What is the teeth test? ----------------------------------------
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