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I've read on different threads people horror stories about duties and how to get around them. Not sure how to do a survey here, but if you were buying online from an overseas company, would you rather deal with a company that covers the duties or does it matter if you really want that brand? Would you not buy if you knew you were going to get dinged with the extra charge? Would you buy again if they didn't tell you about it? Same goes for shipping charge. Would you...
If there is z SF users who on average purchase x amount of clothing per year. c% of them make their purchasing decisions based on what people say on SF and from a company using USPS. If the average shipping cost is v% of the sale then (z*x)*c%*v% = amount USPS makes this amount z = 47,750 x = $3,000 c = 4% v = 10% $573,000 -------------
For my showroom I use in Toronto. Online I don't see the exact hanger you want but thier site doesn't have everything they have in the store. Post a picture on here of what you like and I can always make a quick run their to see if they have it ---------------------
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm dont worry, it's just his cost of doing business. Ya, I use Paypal on my site. It's more like 2-3%. Not 10% -------------------
Does SF scan these posts to ensure the guy isn't selling fakes?
I cheated and bought trimmers. Haven't paid for a haircut in 2 years.
Hey. I figured I'd put this out to this group. I put out a weekly newsletter which talks about what the company is doing this week, latest fabrics, an article written about something somewhat related to fashion (ie health) and am looking for something creative in terms of style and will leave that up to the writer (ex Latest trends, fashion comments of the week, etc). If you want to spread your word, contact me and we can work something out. Our website is...
Thanks Ranjeev. Regard the check patterns, as we mill our own fabric we only launched with 300 of the staple patterns to suit everyone's wardrobe. We are aware of hole in the product line and have started to produce some new patterns for the Spring / Summer. I'll keep the site updated and post back here too as new fabrics come. --------------------------------------------
Quote: Originally Posted by gj555 Do you make the shirts yourself or do you send them out? If the latter, are your shirts made in Canada or overseas? Our factories are located in India. Our quality is top-notch and we have complete control from milling to final product. Prior to launching this company I personal sourced from factories from all sides of the globe and found this is by far the best price / quality mix out there.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ranjeev Replied. Sent an email as well. That is a real generous offer. Received your email. Stay tuned everyone, we'll keep you all posted.
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