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Argh, didn't see the message in my inbox. Let me know when the next one is. ------------------------- www.jamesvii.com jamesvii.blogspot.com
Quote: Originally Posted by osc +1 My feedback: -sleeves look long -chest looks to be a bit big Looks like your going for a normal fit at the waist, so that looks OK. I agree on the sleeves could be a touch shorter based on this set of pictures. As for the chest, it is always the customers preference on how they would like it fitted. Some like a slim cut and tight on the chest, some like a classic clean look while I have a large group who...
Quote: Originally Posted by osc Bump... still looking to have your feedback re: MTM shirt from James VII Ranjeev called me yesterday and indicated he would take some pictures hopefully this Friday / Saturday. He's on his 3rd wash so we should get some great feedback on all aspects. Thanks again for your interest on my product. If anyone has any specific questions I'd be more than happy to answer them on the public...
Quote: Originally Posted by outkast2 Those are my measurements as well..........literally impossible to find a shirt that fits otr. I am investigating MTM shops on Toronto as we speak. Hopefully somebody has some suggestions? Green Shag www.greenshag.com Trend Custom Tailor - www.trendtailors.com James VII - www.jamesvii.com (I own this one) Sprezzatura - www.sprezzatura.ca Gotstyle - www.gsmen.com Are a few to start at.
Jeans and a dress shirt can work, especially dress jeans. I don't recommend jeans with a french cuff dress shirt. Looks odd. ---------------------------------------------- www.jamesvii.com
Thanks for everyone's interest. I look forward to your comments Ranjeev and everyone else's too based on the pictures. I do take pride in our work and would be happy to give anyone a tour of the product if they are in the Bay / Richmond area. I have 40 shirts on display so you can get an idea of the quality. Also, if anyone has suggestions of what they would like to see available, comments are always welcome. I built this company on the opinions of people who were upset...
Bump - Any suggestions?
Am wondering where people in Halifax shop for their custom shirts? Do you wait for Maxwell's? Any local guys? I'm heading there next week for a launch and would like some suggestions on where to check out.
It all depends on what occassions you would be wearing them for. If it is for daily business wear, then go for something simple and not too flashy. (in the image) http://www.jamesvii.com/accessories/2 But by the sounds of it, you will only wear them for special occassions, so you can afford to get something more funky and that will show your personality. Dunhill has some good unique pieces to add some flare to your...
It depends on the value of the shipment. Anything over $200 technically should have duties on them entering the US. Companies can get away with gifts but if they are doing any type of volume then the gov can/will crack down.
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