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Some of my personal creations this month. ------------------------------------------- jamesvii.blogspot.com Facebook Fan Page - http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/pa...II/46016822672
Quote: Originally Posted by itsallinurhead From looking at your site are those prices in USD or CAD? For US customers they are in USD and shipping is included. ----------------------- www.jamesvii.com
Quote: Originally Posted by itsallinurhead What's the typical price/turn around time. PM me if you can't post here. Pricing is $89-$159 per shirt, and it will be a three week turnaround. Might be a little late for your internship though ------------------------ www.jamesvii.com
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles I don't know any shirtmakers in LA but a forum search might yield some. I'll be available June 15th in Long Beach Send me an email and I'll keep you posted on the opening. ----------------------- www.jamesvii.com
Seeing you won't be able to play around with suit and tie combo's and it seems you want to have some style, I'd first start by wearing fitted clothing. There is nothing worse than "business casual" with baggy, sloppy looking shirts. Also make sure your wardrobe is up to date and doesn't look worn out (especially the pants). As for patterns, I'd play it up a bit seeing you have no tie to worry about. Ginghams and checks can stand up on their own as can many striped...
Quote: Originally Posted by fender06 i dont know why i lack the courage to date the girl i like. How to overcome this problem?? Girls are human too, and are looking for a guy in their life. She's already calling you so just ask her out already. -------------------------------------- James VII fan club - http://www.facebook.com/pages/James-VII/46016822672
Hey, I've also put up a blog now so you can see some of the creations from my customers. I'll also start taking photos when people come in for their fittings for those who want to see more. jamesvii.blogspot.com Enjoy ---------------------------- www.jamesvii.com jamesvii.blogspot.com
Quote: Originally Posted by lfl trousers look a bit long in that last photo +1 ------------------------ www.jamesvii.com jamesvii.blogspot.com
We mill and manfacturer in India.
Thought it was time for some new updates for the thread. Hope you enjoy I'll also start keeping them online on my blog at http://jamesvii.blogspot.com/ but for the most part, I'll keep the styles coming on here first. Cheers, -------------------------------------------- www.jamesvii.com
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