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Hey Everyone, Next Tuesday June 16 I'm going to host a SF meet-up in our showroom on Richmond St West. Come out for a drink and meet some of the other posters on SF. As from the last meet-up not everyone heard about it on time, so if you know anybody who wants to come but doesn't read the boards as religiously as others let them know. Cheers Mike More info : Address: 208-73 Richmond St West Phone: 416-897-3365
Hi Everyone, I'm going to host an event next Tuesday at the showroom for all Toronto SF'ers if you'd like to come by for a drink, check out who's behind all the posts for TO and see for yourself some of the shirts. Cheers, Mike More info
Some more, without the contrast collars. I hope everyone will like these ones ---------------------------------- Toronto SF Meet-up More James VII shirt porn
I'm going to have a meet-up at my showroom for all Toronto SF'ers. Come by for a drink, check out the shirts and put some faces to those who post. Look forward to meet you all. Cheers, Mike
To prevent scratches use an eyeglass bag and put it in your upper pocket. Make sure never to put your keys in the same one. If your not moving put them on a table. If you moving indoors on your head or upper pocket in a protective case. If your outdoors, then wear them on your eyes --------------------
Quote: Originally Posted by Biggskip Definitely purple. +1 as my first choice. Light purple (lavender) gingham shirt's looks great and can stand up on there own if you aren't wearing a jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by arvidg My first thought was a brown gingham. Not sure if that even exists, though. It does exist but not sure how it would be with a navy suit. Quote: Originally Posted by blackbowtie I would go with blue, light blue or lighter shades of purple. Quote: Originally Posted by Zenny I was thinking purple myself. I vote for purple, pink, or light or navy...
Quote: Originally Posted by anon I kinda like the contrast linings. If I order shirts from you, Carl, I'll be sure to order just 1 of them with a contrast lining some more, just for you --------------------------------------------- More Pics at Fan Page -
Let them go. Tailors can do some amazing things but one example I always give is the pockets. No matter how much you tailor the body down, the pockets will still look huge and disproportioned . If you do by chance find a tailor that can do it without destroying the original fabric, you'll be paying as much as buying the stuff new. Pass them on, or go on the McD's Big Mac a day diet. If you really do like the styles, take them to a local tailor to duplicate the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Shirtmaven Am I the only one around that is tired of seeing shirts with some sort of printed trim. I have been making shirts like that for over 10-12 years. didn't Robert Grahm make enough of these to satisfy the world? I had a customer waste close to 20 minutes of my time to find a fancy trim for a single shirt. Not sure if I would even call these creations.. from a specially designed dress, hat, or...
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