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Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman We need reviews, Wayfarer! Second that motion! Last time I was in Boston I saw the distance from the train station to my Zip Car. (Although the financial district was quite lovely. Much greener than Toronto's). If anyone is traveling just north of the city there is a great French restaurant in Lowell called Laboniche. --------------------
Quote: Originally Posted by The Wayfarer Thanks for all the replies. One last bump before I head out. Might be a little late for your trip, but just saw that you were looking for shopping in Boston. The new Unique Boutique just opened north of the city, and if you are into custom clothing it is worth it to check out. They have the Intellifit bodyscanner there where you can get bodyscanned then go online to shop. Location...
As requested (from Master-Classter in PM) here is some info on my company James VII (73 Richmond St West, Unit 208, Toronto) Shirts: Regular from $89-159 Sale right now (until Sept 20th) - 3 for $199 ($89 reg each), 3 for $299 ($129 reg ea) All shirts are 100% cotton, 100% custom. Monograms, contrast linings, etc no extra charge. Turn around time: 3 weeks SF Review Blog of Customer...
Can I post non-folded porn here? Just took some shots of some of the new fabrics and I'm too excited not to share. -Mike --------------------
I wish I was a better photographer. Any tips? ---------------------------------- Get body scanned and shop online ( Boston - Long Beach - Halifax Coming soon: San Jose, CA - Annapolis, MD - Madison, GA -Scottsdale, AZ
How soon are you looking to buy your new suit? I am the owner of James VII (stating so people don't think I'm false spamming). Our partners just opened their boutique just north of Boston in North Billerica. My brand is James VII ( and currently am selling shirts via this location. It is a new concept store where you go in and get bodyscanned then you go online and we make the custom clothing based on those measurements. I know another partner will be...
When looking for somewhere new to get your shirts made off the internet what is your major hurdle when select which brand?
Well and are the same company so you can narrow your search down. I haven`t seen either`s quality so that`s all I can add. Happy Shopping!
For those reading this and planning on dropping in. Please let me know on the board or email if you will be coming by so I have an idea of the numbers. Cheers
Quote: Originally Posted by deranged hey david. nice meeting you at my parent's shop today. this is my sf name. Good meeting you too. It's interesting how you can find SF'ers everywhere in TO. Cheers
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