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You will love the collection; I have found around 30 plus Italian Shoemakers. I will update this list frequently. Sadly, I can't afford these lovely shoes...I am a bit of a freak when it comes to finding things like this. (I also have a long list of Sartoria collection of Italian suit makers but that's later on). here it is for...
Hmm... I have around 10 from Zegna. Overall, I have about 45 ties from every possible brand: Brioni, Kiton, Bulgari, Altea, Robert Tallbott, Battistoni, Roda, Stefano Ricci, Luciano Barbera, Antonio Fusco. I am very heavy loaded with Italian brands. The thickest tie I have is Altea.
I have plenty of Italians... more to come.
Anyone have Peron & Peron bespoke? they make quite a beautiful shoe. I have seen their RTW examples online; yes they look quite wonderful, a cross between Santoni and Branchini in desgin.
I have seen their RTW collection and yes they often get overlooked among the Italian shoemakers. As for bespoke, sadly I haven't seen any collection yet; which is why I was wondering if anyone had gotten them yet...
This is truly one of the greatest threads of all time. Does anyone have Bontoni bespoke? Absolutely Heavenly.
Silver tie with black stripes by Brioni.
Quite Stunning! Those are one of the finest shoes I have seen in a while.
Outstanding.... That is quite a shoe to aspire to get someday.
Borelli with Riva cotton.
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