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YGPM for both navy ones
I've got a Sugar Cane 50/50 sugarcane/cotton summer shirt, in indigo stripe, in a large. Will have proper pictures and measurements when I get home, but a similar shirt is on the self edge site. Has an Indigo stripe! Brand new with tags! Measurements are the same as the "large" - but in the pattern of the attached picture! $150 shipped!
Mike - for the upcoming suiting, will there be a solid navy? That would sure be nice, to have a new default business serious suit! What're the prices expecting to look like?
you got a pM!
I'll take it - ygpm
price drops!
When I had that happen - Mike & Adele were super, super nice and responsive and resolved it without any hesitation. And now I tell everybody to buy stuff from their store! I come for the clothes, but stay for the service. Thanks again ya'll!
Added a lot of items!
price drop!
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