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8.5F UK EG 9E UK C&J 8.5 UK BB 43 Vass U last Vass accommodates high instep.
Are they also in the restaurant business now?
I have exact same Vass Blue monk pair. When ordering in Budapest store I showed them a picture of Blue Monk pair with the silver buckle, when receiving the pair in the mail 4-6 weeks later, it had the brass buckles on them. I think I like silver better, but I left it as is. Don't think they could change it now anyway. Looks a lot like elephant skin....
Quote: Owning 4 EGs and 1 pair of Vass, I can definitely say Vass is superior in terms of build quality. My EG's beat my Vass's. Sorry.
Quote: 1) Medallions/Broguing. There is a very obvious difference in the quality of the hole-punching in the medalions/broguing on my EGs vs my G&Gs. On the EGs, even the very small holes have a clean edge, as if cut by a sharp knife. On my G&G's, the holes have perceptibly rough/torn edges, as though a tearing force rather than a sharpe edge produced the punch hole. I see something similar when comparing my Vass with my EG's. Quote: 5)...
Do go visit the hot/steam baths at the Gellert.
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