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Quote: I've had enough of the boss looking down at my feet, shaking his head and sighing. That is why I was initially just considering black. Never opt out because of the opinion of others. You simply can't go wrong with the 888 Inverness and 89 Beaulieu in Burgundy. Or the Berkeley in Dark Oak, or the Chelsey in Black. And if you have a hard time choosing, just develop a plan to have them all. I would just start with the Burgundy. It's...
I get more mileage out of my Burgundy, and Black EG's, then my Dark Oak ones. My most favorite.....
These are the bomb. Think I have exposed my surroundings enough to my love for high-end shoes that I could pull these off.
Or these?
Not sure what the history is.....but this is the future.....
Have similar most commented shoes. WOW! - phrase most used by by standers. A definite must in your rotation.
Quote: I have EGs, Lobbs, and Tramezza. Tramezza is much better than most here seem to think.
Very nice.
^^ What are they?
Mostly when I have sex with Victoria we do it Secretly.
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