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Maybe a stupid question, but is that stitching there because of the Vibram sole, or is it just decorative?
Quote: The 360 welt and leather sole make it look much better, Vibram is just to heavy, dainite will be better, IMHO. Leather sole would do just fine. It's not a shoe to take out in bad weather any how suede and all.
Me like, and honestly have no clue what to wear it with.....
There you have it, my most favorite pair of EG's. Was wearing similar pair just today. What a great shoe in even better color. And the 888 last......what is not to love about that. But this 888 Malvern in Olive also caught my eye. With already so many browns/blacks/suede's in the collections it's time to add some more outspoken colors.
It's blue.
Quote: Eyelet galore. Galeeee, that was my first reaction too.
Note to myself: "Need pair like that (ex the metal tip)."
Quote: In this case, judging by the photograph, the Adelaide throat 'window' is real and set-in, but the wing-tip is faux, It is not a separate layer laid-over, just a shaped row of punching and stitching within an undivided vamp (forepart). Inverness has similar trick up it's sleeve.... It's a nice feature as 99.99% of onlookers never notice it. It's one of those hidden gems.
^^^^^ Those southwold's ^^^^^ Yes, no, yes, no, yes.......aaaaahh!!!.....can't make up my mind if I like them or not.
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