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+1. Thanks a lot.
To me it seems a very busy shoe. It odd wingtip shape topped off with a suede insert. Looking at the shoe on the right in the picture below (just a peek visible), you see nice clean lines, with the suede part adding to the beauty of the shoe. In the shoe on the left it just adds to the confusion. Like I said....nice shoe.....but not for me.
That shoe is trying too hard. It's not doing it for me.
AS must have taken notice when Tony worked them through the production requirements for his RTW line. This newly acquired knowledge is flowing into the recent As models. Still not sold on it the whole concept though. Too much "me too" for me.
From the pictures, they look like a very nice pair of shoes. Nothing more important then a happy satisfied customer. Quote: They're in a better class than any other shoes Ive handled - e.g. C&J, Vass, EG RTW. Easy statement, much harder to prove. Specially on Vass and EG.
5 for 100 GBP has been offered. Find right discount code and free shipping and/or 5-10 GBP discount can be chipped in as well. And yes, very good value for money. Find quality and fit similar to Thomas Pink.
Quote: Want, real bad. Definitely shoes with lots of attitude.
Quote: What colour is this? Oxblood? Oxblood it says. Love the richness of the color. Quote: Can you please post more complete side shots of the chukka and boot? These photos are not mine. Have a look here...for many more. How can you beat these.....just gorgeous shoes. Did order new pair when visiting Budapest last week. 118.500 HUF (including Trees, including shipping,...
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