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F is standard width.
Who would wear these shoe condoms?
Edgware (brown) Alex (mink) Chukka (jaguar suede)
Someone who makes a claim of owning many nice shoes and not being able to use a camera and post some pictures on this forum, I simply can't take serious. Same goes for a 46 shoe collection and not owning any EG's.
Quote: Where'd you buy the blue suede ones? The blue suede ones were a special production run for Sir Max in Holland. Do know C&J Paris was selling o.a. these unlined red ones. Red is ....well.....bit too red for me. Would love to own a pair like this in Jaguar Green Suede.
+1 on that. They are my "bad weather shoes" too. Never cared much for chukka type boots/shoes before. Not until I saw an awesome pair of Tetbury's in blue suede. I thought it would be worth to have a pair of "crazy" shoes compared to all my "old men" EG's. Gotta be crazy sometimes. I simply loved them. Not so much the many comments I got on them from others. But rather how nice the are to wear. I love'm. This made me decide to buy another pair, but with the dainite...
Quote: I have had EGs recrafted. Took quite a while - four months+ if memory serves - but they came back in great condition. In some ways it's the best of both worlds - the comfort of a worn-in pair of shoes with all sorts of shiny new bells and whistles. Same here. And although there are some excellent shoe-repair-shops in Holland, I would not think bringing my EG other then back to the factory. You get new "old" pair that is already broken in.
Quote: It's Hoi An where the tourists go for the cheap Vietnamese tailoring. It's all of poor quality. However, if you are not concerned about quality, it can be a fun experience to have something made. Just don't expect anything very good and don't spend much money. Hoi An is the place to go. Few years back, had some cargo paints made for $8-10 a pair. They have served me well on many other activity holidays all over the world. Thought they would...
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