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The pics you added are pretty small, could you enlarge them.
Quote: RalphandMargo havent sold any Vass on ebay in almost a year. Please provide details regarding when this occurred, as it would seem that this is not recent based upon looking at their ebay feedback profile. At your service.
Just want to iterate my positive customer experience with Margo and Ralph. Had won an auction for pair of pre-owned V-Capped Vass from Margo and Ralph on ebay. Won the auction, and asked for some more clarification on the item. Got timely and proper response back, and following I used paypal to complete the payment. Then I received email from Ralph; ------------------------------------------------------------------ dear sir i ve noticed small imperfections on the vass...
+1. Including trees, and including shipping this price matches the price paid in store in Budapest (440-450 depending on Euro/HUF Exchange rate).
^^^ Have those on my "want" list as well....
There is no address to be found on the website, only email address. Raises huge red flags. On ebay some more info is provided: margo & ralph margo toledano 58 rue gabrielle 1180 belgique, uccle Belgique Téléphone : +32(0)689863344 E-mail :
Tough choice:
Quote: ....and the Norweigian bespoke shoemaker Jan Petre Mehre, with whom I've corresponded... Any examples around? Never heard of the guy. Just interested.
Jan Kielman
Was eyeing them for a while, but with reduced sale price I simply couldn't resist. Can be found here:
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