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Dark Oak with Mink (best combo): Tobacco (too light and yellowish to combine with Dark Oak): Mocha (too light to combine with Dark Oak): Dark Oak next to Coffee: Picture Leffot posted: Due to the lighting the Dark Oak almost looks like a Chestnut Antigue.
Or these G&G's.
Think the shoes would look better with the rams horns on the toes. The toe area looks so sterile. Although in dark blue it does seem to work.
My most complimented pair of shoes - EG Inverness no discussion.
Quote: Just describe it to them when you place your order or email a picture. Handing over pictures works very well. Mostly walk in the Budapest store with a picture of the desired shoe. "Is this one of your shoes?" - Yes. "Could I have one in size 43, including trees". - Yes, 43. What color? Then I pick out color or suede. Order get's noted in big book. We agree on price and in big book I write down address and shipping details. Walk to...
Quote: U last? Correct.
Quote: Are those new trees that are used by Vass or was it a custom order? Custom order.
Latest addition:
Upper right???
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