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When will you have the Fillis 1 1/4" width back in stock as the word "temporarily" in the below statement get's to be a more permanent status.... "The Fillis is temporarily unavailable in 1 1/4" width - why not try the 1 1/8"?"
If in 8.5UK I would have gladly taken them off the market....
A 5 months wait and then being disappointed like this....... Not a really good recipe for creating a repeat customer.
+1 on contacting them. And the customer is always right, so if you're not happy with the product received express those concerns. More people like you and they hopefully get their act together.
Right side of picture can also be found in my rotation. Regular "wow" comments when wearing my brown/suede Archdales. What's up with the fat and ugly shoe laces in the pair below? Would like to add a pair of Lancers to my current mix. In general I really like my BB's, although would not pay full retail. Check or for nice deals on "seconds". Wear 8.5 UK EG, same as my BB's.
What Scarf is Justin wearing in the Givenchy Ad. Close comes Drake's, but it has finer print:
Tim and Fiona Slack (T&F Slack)
Does anyone know who makes this type of lock. Hard to read the print in the picture. Seem to remember a link to similar type lock was posted a while ago. Can't find it. Thx.
Find yourself an American local who forwards it on marked as: *gift *returned from repair *product sample, no commercial value *declares value under the customs threshold Simple as that.
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